Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Range Babies

Okay, so this will NOT be a post on the girls' dedication or on our visit with Grandpa and Grandma Carlson. I'm still going through pictures, as we speak type. I will, though, post some pictures I took of the girls last week. That should suffice, right?

What happens when Mama is trying to cook dinner yet the 14-month-old quadruplets are not happy playing by themselves in the playroom? FREE RANGE BABY TIME! The girls rarely (RARELY!!!!) get out of the playroom to play, roam or crawl around the rest of the house. But this particular evening Mama had to open the flood gates (aka, gate to the play room - HA!) and let the girlies out to freely range. They were much happier :D

The girlies in the kitchen...Bethany, Suzan, Anna and BrielleSuzan - "oooo! what would happen if i pushed one of these buttons? i wonder..."Bethany - "wow! brother really knows how to draw and paint! i hope i can do the same!!"Brielle - "hi mama! do you need help cooking? i brought my own frying pan. i can help!"The girls, longing to go outsideBethany - "okay mama! let's play a game or something!"Brielle - "wow! has that fan ALWAYS gone around like that? that's too cool!!"Anna - "mama, if you throw me a wet rag i can start cleaning the floors for you?"And Suzan (what a face! she gives us the funniest, silliest faces! :P ) - "hm...i thought it would MUCH better being on this side of the gate. range isn't all it's cracked up to be. *sigh*"I will say that the dedication went well. The girls did AWESOME sitting through the first few minutes of service and then being up on stage. There we A LOT of babies up on stage with us being dedicated. Then, the girls did wonderful in the church nursery. They really spoil us!

We also had a wonderful visit with Grandpa and Grandma Carlson! It was SO nice to see them again. It had been almost a year since we last saw them. They came all the way to AZ just for the girls' dedication. That is too nice of them! The girls were spoiled by all of the hugs, kisses and attention Grandpa and Grandma gave them. Jared, too, was spoiled with some fun toys and play time from them :) We miss them already! Thanks for coming down Grandpa and Grandma! We REALLY appreciate it!!
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jag said...

What cute little free range babies you have! LOVING the leggings! PRECIOUS!

Suzanne said...

congrats on the baby dedication!!! and those girlies are just PRECIOUS! LOVE THEM! and their little outfits are SO cute!!

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