Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Everything is Coming to an End?!

Tonight was Jared's last t-ball game. I can't believe he played 12 games already? They had a good last game and, most importantly for the boys ;) , celebrated afterwards with trophies and cupcakes. Yeah, you know our boy enjoyed both of those ;) I wonder which one he enjoyed the most, the trophy or the cupcake? Hm... ;)

Here is Jared with Coach Jason. The coaches and dads were all wonderful with the boys! Thank you!
Jared had a good first season of t-ball. I am so proud of how he played, always having fun! We saw him go from knowing nothing about baseball and hitting the ball to now knowing how to stand, swing, hit and throw the ball to the bases and teammates. He did great!

I can't believe that everything is coming to an end?!?! Where did the time go? Really, WHERE?! Jared has 7 days of pre-k left and then we're into summer break. Wow! It just seems like yesterday that he started pre-k school! Now, it's on to...KINDERGARTEN. ACK! I have a Kindergartener? Okay, really when did THAT happen????? ;) I updated our blog with a countdown to Jared's first day of Kindergarten. Man, there's not much time until that day comes! We are getting things ready for the school boy, e.g. backpack, uniform school clothes, school supplies, etc. It will come faster than I can blink ;) It will feel so foreign to me to have my baby boy gone, all day, from me. Yes, I am being a bit emotional and sentimental about it. But hey, what mom doesn't? ;) We are excited for Jared and what our school has in store for him!

Another thing that came to an end is RSV season. YAY! We are officially out of the season. However...we are keeping the girls at home for a little while longer until this H1N1/Swine Flu thing dies down a bit. I'm not too worried about me, Paul or Jared getting it but mostly concerned for the girls, as they were preemies. I can't imagine it, being a bad flu, would be good for the girlies. So, we will wait a little while longer to get out and about with the girls ;)

Our plans for the summer? Keep cool in AZ! HA! ;) Seriously, we have...
  • a month of swim lessons planned for Jared
  • perhaps some wading in the kiddie pool for the girlies
  • have some fun celebrating Independence Day
  • VBS for Jared at our church
  • perhaps a summer women's Bible study for Mama
  • our first trip (oh yeah! let's see how this goes with the girlies! ACK!) for the 7 of us to Flagstaff. Grammy, are you ready for this? ;) 3 nights away from home and out of the AZ desert summer heat!!
  • get Jared ready for Kindergarten **sniff, sniff**

I'm sure you, too, can't believe everything is coming to an end. Hoping you are ready for a fun summer!
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