Sunday, May 31, 2009

Costco trip! (call me crazy :P )

Okay, so I had the brilliant idea for Paul and I to take the 5 kids out to Costco. I thought "hey, wouldn't it be cool to take the girls to Costco? It's the only place (that I know of) that has double-seated carts. we could push around the two carts filled with the girls, cruise around at our leisure and perhaps enjoy some 'samples.' sounds like fun!" Well, I will say that it was "okay." It was a little bang for a lot of buck.

Bethany, Brielle, Anna, Suzan and Jared. You can tell we don't get out much. The girls thought the "moving objects," aka cars, were very fascinating ;) - "mama! what is that? it's moving? we've never seen that before!"Bethany - "mama, i DO love these samples! especially the brownies. YUM! you know me and my tummy :D"Brielle - "oooo! i like all of those sparklies over there in that glass case!"Anna - "can we keep moving mama? i'm getting a bit bored"Suzan - "yeah, i'm just gonna give you my smirk. i'm funny like that :P"The girlies. They were watching Big Brother and Dad play in a big plastic tool shed.Things I must point out from the trip...
  • I did NOT go with the kids by myself. That would be even crazier ;) Paul went with me.
  • We didn't do any shopping or purchasing. Oh, I take that back. I picked up some pictures I ordered. But that was IT!
Things I learned from our outing to Costco...
  • It's a lot of work to go out for just 30 minutes. Yeah, like I said "a little bang for a LOT of buck." ;)
  • Don't go on a busy weekend, e.g. Saturday afternoon. It was PACKED! It made maneuvering two big strollers and wrangling a "sample-hunting" 5-year-old through packed aisles very difficult. Lots of "excuse me" and "sorry."
  • It's difficult pushing a big cart when you have 4 hands (per cart) grabbing for the food samples you just picked up. Oh, and you had BETTER grabbed enough samples to share for the 4 mouths and 8 eyes (I guess 5 mouths and 10 eyes) staring back at you :D
  • Definitely have another adult with you!
Hey, it was a good "experiment." Will we try it again? Maybe, but not any time soon ;)
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Charity Donovan said...

You are one BRAVE momma!!! Glad everyone had a good time though (except maybe mom!) It does empower you though doesn't it!!! That whole "what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger!" thing!!! Huggs!!!

Moni Graf said...

I think I'd chalk that one up as a success, Maria! I know it's a lot of work for such a tedious time-killer, but you should DEFINITELY be proud of yourselves. I'm amazed you had the restraint to keep an "empty" cart, too! That in itself is a huge accomplishment....especially at Costco!


Anne said...

Yay for being brave enough to just get out! I am sure it will get easier and easier in time :)

Anonymous said...

I am with Bethany...the treats in the store are GREAT!!

Grandpa Wes

Anonymous said...

Good for you mama! I am terrifed to even go to Costco on the weekend by myself, MAD HOUSE!!
I am not that brave yet, but did do old navy, petco and babies r us by myself, of course, i have one less kid than you do :)

Cochran Quads said...

Awesome job Momma!!!

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