Sunday, May 31, 2009

Costco trip! (call me crazy :P )

Okay, so I had the brilliant idea for Paul and I to take the 5 kids out to Costco. I thought "hey, wouldn't it be cool to take the girls to Costco? It's the only place (that I know of) that has double-seated carts. we could push around the two carts filled with the girls, cruise around at our leisure and perhaps enjoy some 'samples.' sounds like fun!" Well, I will say that it was "okay." It was a little bang for a lot of buck.

Bethany, Brielle, Anna, Suzan and Jared. You can tell we don't get out much. The girls thought the "moving objects," aka cars, were very fascinating ;) - "mama! what is that? it's moving? we've never seen that before!"Bethany - "mama, i DO love these samples! especially the brownies. YUM! you know me and my tummy :D"Brielle - "oooo! i like all of those sparklies over there in that glass case!"Anna - "can we keep moving mama? i'm getting a bit bored"Suzan - "yeah, i'm just gonna give you my smirk. i'm funny like that :P"The girlies. They were watching Big Brother and Dad play in a big plastic tool shed.Things I must point out from the trip...
  • I did NOT go with the kids by myself. That would be even crazier ;) Paul went with me.
  • We didn't do any shopping or purchasing. Oh, I take that back. I picked up some pictures I ordered. But that was IT!
Things I learned from our outing to Costco...
  • It's a lot of work to go out for just 30 minutes. Yeah, like I said "a little bang for a LOT of buck." ;)
  • Don't go on a busy weekend, e.g. Saturday afternoon. It was PACKED! It made maneuvering two big strollers and wrangling a "sample-hunting" 5-year-old through packed aisles very difficult. Lots of "excuse me" and "sorry."
  • It's difficult pushing a big cart when you have 4 hands (per cart) grabbing for the food samples you just picked up. Oh, and you had BETTER grabbed enough samples to share for the 4 mouths and 8 eyes (I guess 5 mouths and 10 eyes) staring back at you :D
  • Definitely have another adult with you!
Hey, it was a good "experiment." Will we try it again? Maybe, but not any time soon ;)
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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Thanks to those of you that left a comment or recipe suggestion for our tomatoes. I have been able to cook a couple of recipes with the tomatoes. So far we've tried...
I have one more recipe that I am going to try. While at All Recipes I came across a Basil Chicken over Angel Hair pasta recipe. Sounds yummy! I might have to try making some salsa too, as others have suggested. Just need a recipe.

Also, I don't think I have mentioned what I've been working on this week. Yes, lots of you will think "um, where do you have the TIME for this?" but I have to say that it's mostly at night, when the 5 kids have been tucked in to bed. Also, this is pretty simple and straightforward.
It's a 4th of July table runner. I've been wanting to make one for a while now. I found the pattern, free (yay!), off the web and found the fabrics at Joann's (oh Joann's! I could live there if I could! ;) ) I have sewn and quilted before (if you remember the girls' 1st Halloween costumes, a quilt for Jared and my very first quilt I made for me and Paul back in 2002). The table runner is almost done. I just need to quilt it, e.g. stitch around the stars and stitch-in-the-ditch. I think it looks pretty cute and festive. Perfect for the 4th :) Now, I am getting the bug to sew and quilt more, e.g. clothes for the girls, quilts for the girls, more decor, etc. More crafting?! Oh no! ;) Well, we'll see if I have the time and $$ for all when all the kids are grown ;)
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Need Tomato Recipes!

Okay, I am in need of some yummy tomato recipes. These are some tomatoes (Celebrity, Romas, Cherry) that we just picked today from our six tomato plants growing in the back yard. And there is still MORE on the plants waiting to ripen and be picked! So, does anyone have any good, yummy tomato recipes? We've been eating them in salads, in BLT sandwiches, on hamburgers or just freshly sliced with a bit of salt but I am looking for a few good recipes. So, if you have any please leave a comment with the recipe or with a link to your favorite tomato recipe.

P.S. We just might have to resort to giving out "tomato gifts" to our friends and family with this bumper crop of yummy tomatoes :)
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Ha! Fooled You! ;)

Okay, so NO ONE thought these last posts of Suzan and Brielle were wrong or questionable? No one said anything? Wow, I guess I must have really fooled you all ;)

So, the other day I put Suzan in blue/purple and Brielle in yellow. It was a bit difficult to not say "Suzan" when you looked at Brielle or visa versa ;) Like one of those tests or emails you get saying "say the color and not the word"... yellow, purple, blue, black.

Anyways, so I thought I'd be silly and post the pictures I took of Suzan and Brielle from the back and see what people said. Too funny no one said a thing ;)

Suzan in a blue/purple outfit
Brielle in yellowHope I didn't confuse you too much :P
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi Brielle!

Brielle still lives up to her name, "God is my strength." That girly is too strong! No walking from her yet but she's got to be close, just like Suzan and Bethany. She took, like Suzan and Bethany, stands up on her own sometimes holding on to something and other times just on her own. No climbing from her. We'll leave that up to Bethany and Suzan ;) She loves to "dance" these days but sometimes the dancing turns into "kick and bounce as hard as you can." Oh, and always with a smile :D Silly girly!
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hi Suzan!

Suzan is standing up on her own lately. Sometimes not holding on to anything. Wow! She too, like Bethany, has conquered climbing up the steps on the slide. First Bethany and now Suzan. Hm...I still wonder who will walk first? Bethany? Suzan? Anna or Brielle? Hm...
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Are women born this way?

This video is brought to you by my mom. Thanks Mom :D It is too funny. Yeah, you wonder if women are born this way or not. I would have to say "yes." Don't we all like to chat ladies? Some more than others but, on average, we talk more than men. Poor guys ;)

So, will our house be filled with 4 of these little chatter boxes? Who knows. But I do know this...Dad and Big Brother will NOT know what hit them when they have FIVE women vying for their listening ears. Oh man ;)
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Everything is Coming to an End?!

Tonight was Jared's last t-ball game. I can't believe he played 12 games already? They had a good last game and, most importantly for the boys ;) , celebrated afterwards with trophies and cupcakes. Yeah, you know our boy enjoyed both of those ;) I wonder which one he enjoyed the most, the trophy or the cupcake? Hm... ;)

Here is Jared with Coach Jason. The coaches and dads were all wonderful with the boys! Thank you!
Jared had a good first season of t-ball. I am so proud of how he played, always having fun! We saw him go from knowing nothing about baseball and hitting the ball to now knowing how to stand, swing, hit and throw the ball to the bases and teammates. He did great!

I can't believe that everything is coming to an end?!?! Where did the time go? Really, WHERE?! Jared has 7 days of pre-k left and then we're into summer break. Wow! It just seems like yesterday that he started pre-k school! Now, it's on to...KINDERGARTEN. ACK! I have a Kindergartener? Okay, really when did THAT happen????? ;) I updated our blog with a countdown to Jared's first day of Kindergarten. Man, there's not much time until that day comes! We are getting things ready for the school boy, e.g. backpack, uniform school clothes, school supplies, etc. It will come faster than I can blink ;) It will feel so foreign to me to have my baby boy gone, all day, from me. Yes, I am being a bit emotional and sentimental about it. But hey, what mom doesn't? ;) We are excited for Jared and what our school has in store for him!

Another thing that came to an end is RSV season. YAY! We are officially out of the season. However...we are keeping the girls at home for a little while longer until this H1N1/Swine Flu thing dies down a bit. I'm not too worried about me, Paul or Jared getting it but mostly concerned for the girls, as they were preemies. I can't imagine it, being a bad flu, would be good for the girlies. So, we will wait a little while longer to get out and about with the girls ;)

Our plans for the summer? Keep cool in AZ! HA! ;) Seriously, we have...
  • a month of swim lessons planned for Jared
  • perhaps some wading in the kiddie pool for the girlies
  • have some fun celebrating Independence Day
  • VBS for Jared at our church
  • perhaps a summer women's Bible study for Mama
  • our first trip (oh yeah! let's see how this goes with the girlies! ACK!) for the 7 of us to Flagstaff. Grammy, are you ready for this? ;) 3 nights away from home and out of the AZ desert summer heat!!
  • get Jared ready for Kindergarten **sniff, sniff**

I'm sure you, too, can't believe everything is coming to an end. Hoping you are ready for a fun summer!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Dedicating Our Girls to the Lord!

1 Samuel 1:26-28 - and she (Hannah) said to him, "As surely as you live, my lord, I am the woman who stood here beside you praying to the LORD. I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD." And he worshiped the LORD there.

Like Hannah, here from the Bible, we dedicated our girls to the Lord this past Sunday. It was a very fun and exciting day for us, 1) that we were dedicating them surrounded by our family and 2) that it happened to also be on Mother's Day. So it was a special day!

Paul's parents were able to come down to AZ for the girls' dedication. They were also with us when we had Jared dedicated in church some 4 years ago (wow! it seems like yesterday that he was dedicated?!?!). My mom was also able to join us for the special event. We needed an extra set of hands (or two!) to hold the girls so Paul's cousin, Jayson, and his wife, Lisa, were able to help us and be there for the special day. It was a great and blessed day!

Here are some pictures of the dedication and of our visit with Grandpa and Grandma C. We, and the kids!, had fun with them. We miss them already!!

Mom and Suzan, letting Grandma get used to Mom's cameraThe girlies looking pretty in pink :D Brielle Grace...Bethany Hope...Suzan Faith...Anna JoyUs with Cousins Jayson and Lisa. Jayson (holding Brielle), Lisa (holding Anna), Maria (holding Suzan), Jared P and Paul (holding Bethany)Us with Paul's parents. Jared P, Bethany and Brielle with Wes, Anna with Paul, Martha and Suzan with MariaEveryone up front in church. We are near the left side. Look for Jared, in the front, wearing a green striped shirtUs on the leftUs with Maria's Mom, Sharon. Anna, Brielle, Sharon, Jared, Paul, Maria, Suzan and BethanyWe had a yummy lunch at our house after the dedication...BBQ pulled pork, antipasta salad, chips, soda and cake. YUM! Martha with the cake.Ooooo! Pretty AND yummy!! :)All of us enjoying lunch after the dedicationGrandpa and Grandma feeding the girls after their dedicationGrandpa and Grandma did an EXCELLENT job feeding the girls themselves. You two wanna come back next week and help with mealtimes again? ;)Suzan wearing Grandpa's glasses - "hey! just call me professor suzan" :DLater the next day or so we took the girls outside in a kiddie wading pool for some swim time. Grandma got them splashing LOTS! :) Suzan, Brielle, Bethany (in the yellow) and AnnaBrielle and Anna, getting used to the waterBethany having fun splashing!Suzan. Yes, despite her look here she was having fun ;)Suzan and Brielle swimming with GrandmaWes, Jared and Martha after one of Jared's t-ball games. It happened that Jared had a t-ball game while Grandpa and Grandma were in town. Perfect timing! Grandma and Mama went to go see Jared play ball. I think both Grandma AND Jared were excited for the game :)The morning before Grandpa and Grandma left we went for a quick stroll to our neighborhood park with the girls and Jared. Here, Martha gets to see the quad stroller "in action" ;) Suzan, Brielle, Bethany, Anna and GrandmaMartha pushing the girls on the swings. All of the girls, Grandma included ;) , loved it!Jared got lots of treats from Grandpa and Grandma, e.g. fun toys and some food! Here, he is enjoying a little snack of homemade maple nut fudge from up north. YUM!!I guess Martha and Wes got to enjoy some treats from us too :) Grandma and Jared picked lots of ripe tomatoes from our bushes. Yummy fresh tomatoes! We sent a few home with Grandpa and Grandma. Hope you enjoyed them!The girls had lots of fun playing with Grandpa and Grandma. Anna playing with Grandpa - "i could share my toy with you grandpa! you can have a turn now."Suzan playing with Grandpa - "here you go grandpa. i'll share too!"Anna and Suzan showing Grandpa their new wheels from their 1st birthday - "it might not be like yours but it's still fast and fun. do you want to give it a try grandpa?"As I mentioned, we had a great time with Paul's parents. It was nice seeing them again!! And we feel very blessed that they, along with my mom and Paul's cousins, were there to witness our promise and commitment to raise the girls, along with Jared, in a Christ-centered home. It was a very special Mother's Day!
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