Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We're back! And we come bearing fruit!

Well, so far the rebuild of my computer is complete (thanks a lot to Paul!). I'm "testing the waters" to see how my computer behaves. If it behaves well then it's a keeper. If not, then we'll have to repeat this all again but with a new computer. Let's pray it's a keeper ;)

Also, we come bearing fruit! Pictures of fruit, that is. Jared has enjoyed watching our garden, okay tomatoes, grow. He goes out daily "checking on the tomatoes." Well, yesterday he proudly announced that "we have a red tomato!!!!" He said he would like to pick our one and only red tomato (thus far - we do have LOTS more tomatoes. they are just currently green) and share it with me. Awe! That is so sweet son! So that's what we did. We enjoyed a delicious, ripe, red, juicy, Husky Cherry Red tomato. Yes, it was a tiny bite but well worth it. Here, check it out for yourself!

Now that my computer is back up and I just whet your appetite with some pictures, I hope to post some more of...
  • Jared's t-ball opening ceremony
  • Jared playing in one of his t-ball games
  • Our Easter (yeah, there are going to be a lot of pics with this post!)

So, check back for more pictures!

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Cochran Quads said...

Sweet sweet Jared! Can't wait to see the t-ball and Easter pics!

Anne said...

Jared is such a sweet boy! Looking forward to seeing T-ball pics and Easter pics!

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