Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Three Cranky Pants

Most of the time our girls are good. No fussing at mealtime. No fussing with naps or bedtime. No fussing with bathtime or playtime. No fussing when were are out and about. Yes, they spoil us! BUT...they DO have their moments, like this evening.

We fed them dinner and let them play in the play room as usual. They were playing well until Paul and Jared came in from getting dinner. Then, three of our girls turned into Cranky Pants. That's what I like to call them when they get fussy or cranky, Cranky Pants. So Jared, Paul and I tried to eat our dinner while three of the girls fussed and hollered for us from the play room. I now understand it when a local quad mom said to invest in some ear plugs - Ha! ;) Any time Paul or I got up from the table and walked into the kitchen the three girls fussed even louder, especially when they saw that we were not coming in to pick them up. Eventually, we finished eating dinner, grabbed the three crying girls and brought them back to the table to sit with us. The fourth girl was happy as can be, playing by herself in the play room. Well, then it was time to clean up from dinner and for Paul to get Jared ready for bed (I usually handle changing, putting PJs on and tucking in the girls at bedtime. It's just how we worked it out that way). So we had to sit the three girls back down into the play room. Oh man, are they smart! They KNOW what you are up to! The tears and cries immediately come out once you take one little step towards the play room - Ha! Needless to say, we cleaned up fast and I sat down to play with the girls a bit before I tucked them in for bed. That satisfied them!

So, who are the Three Cranky Pants that I am speaking about? Well...

Anna, Bethany and Suzan. Oh man! Look at these faces!! :(Anna. What a face :(
Bethany. Even worse!Poor little Suzan!Suzan giving Mama the "evil eye" - "mama, you're gonna be in trouble if you don't come in here ASAP!!!!"Bethany and Suzan. Okay, now I just think they are playing with me and giving me any kind of sad, scrunched-up, teary-eyed face :PAnd what was Brielle up to? This! Too funny ;)I do have to laugh. I think it is very sweet when they cry for us. Well, either they were crying for us or they are cutting some more teeth (I felt a molar in Suzan's mouth - YIKES!) or they were just a bit tired. In any case, as I said before they are cute and sweet, even when they are being Cranky Pants :D
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The Stilwells said...

wow I hear ya!!! Susan is getting more fussy at dinner too. except it is just one not three!!! Good thing you got good baby gates to keep them in the playroom!!!

Marla Herrick said...

Thank goodness I can read what you're saying. I wouldn't have been able to hear your story on account of the earplugs in my ears :)

Sometimes the best pictures are not picture perfect. Those are wonderful poses. Even the stink eye one.

Cochran Quads said...

Love those pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Even when they're crying, they're awfully cute!

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