Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Desert Botanical Gardens

Last week, I took Jared and one of his classmates, Tori, to the Desert Botanical Gardens to meet up with their class for a field trip. This is my second time visiting the Gardens and I LOVE it! Now is a great time (well, not now because it's 100 degrees HOT! :P ) to visit the Gardens. Everything is in bloom, the Butterfly Gardens are open and there is an awesome Chihuly glass exhibition to check out. Really...folks if you live here in AZ or the Valley you have to go check it out. It is so worth it!! FYI...the Chihuly exhibition is at the Gardens until May 31st, 2009.

Here are some pictures of the outing. Yeah, I think I took a picture of every Chihuly exhibit ;)

Chihuly exhibit titled "The Sun"A close-up of "The Sun"Jared and some of the boys in his class, checking out the butterfliesA Zebra Longwing butterflyA Queen butterfly (related to the Monarch butterfly)Jared found a pill/rolly polly/potato bug in the butterfly gardens. The boys enjoyed seeing it ;)A Zebra Swallowtail butterflyA Cutieous Jaredous butterfly :DJared and some of his classmates playing at the interactive butterfly exhibitTime to say "goodbye" to Mr. Potato Bug"Squero di San Trovaso Chandelier""Orange Hornet and Eelgrass Chandelier""Chiostro di Sant Apollonia Chandelier""Blue Marlins""Crimson and Yellow Chandelier"Jared and one of his classmates, goofing around :)Pictures of some cactus flowersA Teddy Bear cactusThe kids"Blue Fiddleheads"Jared next to a SaguaroJared and two of his classmates. "Blue and Purple Boat" in the background."Float Boat""Mexican Hat and Horn Tower""The Moon""Saffron Tower" I think it lights up at night. That would be cool to see!Another class picture, with their teachersAgain, if you can GO see the Gardens! Kids would enjoy walking around and seeing everything too!!
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jag said...

LOVE Chihuly! What beautiul art! The Jared Butterfly was too cute!

Anne said...

Beautiful pictures. I have never been to the Gardens. Loved the Jared butterfly picture :)

Cochran Quads said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm pretty sure you could win some prizes with those shots!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that glass work! How on earth do they move those exhibits?


The Stilwells said...

Looks like fun. I took a glass blowing class for a Chemistry elective and I thought we were pretty creative with the swans and other things we made. Those displays are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Maria,you're getting really, really good with your photos.
You should enter some of them in a contest, they're that good.

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