Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools!

Okay, this is, by far, the best April Fools joke I have heard. EVER! Why? Well, because it came from our son. And any joke this boy tells us just makes me laugh :D Here's how it went...

Paul and I are up and getting ready for the day. I am busy doing my hair and Paul is getting showered. Jared comes into our room.

Jared - "Hi Mama."
Me - "Good morning, Jared." (give him a morning hug)
Me - "How are you?"
Jared - "Good."

Then he does this!

Jared - "Dad?"
Paul - "Yes, Jared? (trying to hear through all of the shower water)"
Jared - "There's a spider in my room! A huge one!"
Paul - "Oh no! We'll get it, son, once I'm done with my shower and all ready. Okay?"
Jared - "Okay."
Me - looking at Jared, thinking "Man, a spider? Poor guy!"

We both totally believed him. Then there's a pause and then this...

Jared - "April Fools!"
Me - "Ha! That was good Jared!"
Paul - "Oh man! You got us with an April Fools joke!"

Jared was very, very proud of his April Fools joke. I asked him "so, who told you to come in here and tell us the joke?" Jared, "no one. I thought of it on my own." He did say that his teacher talked about April Fools a bit yesterday but that was it. What a silly and smart little boy! Already getting us with April Fools jokes.

Oh, and Jared is just full of jokes these days. Usually it's about a chicken crossing or running or flying across the road somehow or for some reason. He just makes it up as he goes along. What a hoot he is!! :D
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Anonymous said...

Good job Jared....The kids on the bus got me this afternoon.Two girls come up and told me a freind had just got sick and made a mess all over.So,I pulled the bus over,was getting clean-up things to go see what I had to do and just as I stood up.....April Fool..

Leave it up to kids...
But I started it this morning.When we got to school I told them all the water line to the school was broke so NO bathrooms today...One 4th grader said"I can hold it all day"

Marla Herrick said...

With shoe polish, I painted "for sale" on my Pathfinder with a ridiculously low price with my dad's phone number. He's not amused. Haven't heard from him in 3days and counting . . .

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