Tuesday, April 07, 2009

13 months old

The girls turned 13 months this past weekend. To celebrate their 13 month birthday (not really...just needed to get out of the house after breakfast and enjoy the cool Arizona spring air :D ), I took the girls out for a neighborhood walk. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! Nice and cool with a pleasant breeze. Ahhhh! Spring in Arizona :D

Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle - It's like they are all saying to me "mama! do you REALLY have to take our picture right this minute? we are ready to GO!!!!"The 7 of us are doing well. We survived our first March with 2 birthdays for 5 kids. Whew and Wow!! ;) Now, we're in to April and Holy Week and Easter are upon us. We really didn't get to celebrate much for Easter last year, since the girls were in the NICU (man, that takes me back!). This year should be a better Easter, though. We have a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt planned for Saturday. Then some Easter celebrating on Sunday! Yay! We look forward to celebrating in the Risen Savior and having some family fun! Look back here later for pics :D

It also seems like since the girls turned one some switch was flipped and they are all doing so much more lately. Here is what I've noted so far...
  • They’ve all been crawling since about 9 or 10 months old. They get around quickly now – Eeek!
  • Suzan and Brielle have become proficient at pulling and standing up. Suzan has recently been seen cruising around our little play kitchen, via side stepping. ACK! Brielle likes to "dance" while she is standing. Too funny!
  • Anna and Bethany are pulling up to their knees. Bethany loves to sit up on her knees now.
  • They all run to Mama and Dad (especially Dad) when we sit down and play with them. Very sweet!
  • They are starting to talk more now. They can say “mama,” “da-da” and “uh-oh” and will mimic any sound we make, e.g. raspberries, tongue clicking, etc.
  • They also have been signing to us, signing “more”, “please,” “milk” and “all done.” I think I’ve also seen Anna put her arms in the air and wiggle her fingers, looking for us to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” (with the hand gestures).
  • Brielle and Suzan like to shake their heads “no.” They do this even when they over hear us saying “no” or “know.” It’s very funny.
  • They love to swing and go down the slide. If you stop, though, they scream holy terror :P
  • Their individual personalities are coming out more.
  • They definitely have an opinion of their own. For instance, no sister should take away a favorite “chew toy” of Suzan’s or else that sister will feel the wrath of Big Sis! Or we get lots of crying when we have to take away toys from someone because it’s time to eat. We’ve seen many tears ;)
  • They like to "look" for Mama or Dad, especially when they're tired of playing by themselves in the playroom.
Jared, too, is doing much these days. Here is what he's been up to...
  • He has fun playing with our neighbor’s kids. Some of these kids will go to school with him. That will be fun!
  • He will be in Kindergarten come July!
  • He is currently playing t-ball in the local Little League. So far, he enjoys it (pictures of him playing at games to come!)
  • He likes to read any and all words and likes to figure out how to spell and write words. Too smart!
  • Recently, he has started completing mathematical equations (addition and subtraction). It goes like this… Jared - ”Mama, what is 7 minus 2?” Me – “You tell me.” Jared – “5!” Jared – “Okay, what is 5 plus 1?” Me – “You tell me, bud.” Jared – “6!” Again, too smart!
  • He has a talent for music. I’ve heard him sing songs, from either long ago (like Christmastime), or sing along with some musical toy of the girls.
  • He loves the girls. Even though I’ve slowly learned that he is a boy and is going to be a bit rough with the girls, he really loves the girls, shows them love in his own way and he really misses when he doesn’t get to play with them. Awe!
  • He loves to talk about God and Jesus with us. I really love it when he says “God is in my heart” or “Well, God just told me to do this for…”
  • He loves to talk to us about new things he has learned. For example, “did you know that we need to recycle and keep our planet Earth clean?” Or “I need to eat good food to keep my body and Jesus healthy (as he says Jesus is in his heart :) )” Or “Mama, rockets can take us to the moon. That’s where I want to go.”
  • He’s a big help around the home now. He does everything (or just about ;) ) I or Paul ask him to do with a happy and cheerful heart…like put out the girls’ food at the table, open the windows for us in the morning, put groceries away in the pantry, set the table for dinner.
Here are the girls' 13-month weights (thanks to the Synagis shots ;) ):
Suzan - 18lbs 14oz
Anna - 22lbs 13oz
Bethany - 23lbs 7oz
Brielle - 19lbs 9oz

They got one last Synagis shot for this RSV season. Then we're done! Yay! We can't get out in highly populated places yet. Our pediatrician said to wait until mid-May. But after that? World, here we come ;) You can keep track of our "countdown to release" via the counter on the upper right of our blog here. Oh! There's also a new poll! So, who do you think will be the first to walk? Let us know!
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Anonymous said...

I say suzan will be the first walker and brielle will be the first dancer. The dry jared sense of humor comes from the dada, just ask mr.mellond Love grandma carlson

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