Tuesday, March 03, 2009

T minus 12 hours and counting!

T minus 12 hours until the girls turn a year old. Woo hoo! A year ago the girls were happily swimming (Ha! There was hardly enough room for them to move around, let alone swim ;) ) in utero. A year ago that they were unaware of the 12 hours to come...unaware of the life change to happen to them (also us unaware of the life change of having quadruplets!!). T minus 12 hours!!

Here are the the girls this evening, post dinner and a little under the weather (again?!) with runny noses. It's crazy to think a year ago they were these little peanuts just hanging out in my uterus. Wow, that poor uterus, being SO stretched beyond belief with 16+ pounds of baby (not including all of the placentas, blood, fluids, etc.!) That uterus of mine would be happy in about 12 hours, to finally be popped and get back to "normal" (if that is at all possible ;) ).

You might be thinking "these are all the same pictures?" Yes and no. I just like how each girl has a different smile/look in each picture. You gotta take lots of pictures of them because one child will look like "X" in one picture and then another child will look like "Y" in another...and so on and so on. The girls make me smile and laugh, they are so silly :P

Suzan, Bethany, Brielle and Anna, the day before their BIG day! Bethany is being silly and Anna has her crazy smile ;) Looks like Suzan wants to make a run for it, trying to climb out of the table - Ha!Brielle, what kind of smile is that? Suzan and Anna looking cute and shy...yeah right ;)What sweet and beautiful little girlies!! Here is what I wrote that fateful day before their birth. Little did I know my middle-of-the-night bathroom "break" would be an event to remember. More on that story, aka the girls' birth story, tomorrow!! Check back then!

March 3rd, 2008 (32.2 weeks): A quick post...well, Dr. Strong, the PPA attending doc, didn't like the way I looked this morning. He said my reflexes were too brisk, I had too much edema or fluid retention (I've lost my ankles :( ) and some of my PIH labs are going up. In other words, the preeclampsia is rearing its ugly head. Soooo, with that he moved me from antepartum to ancillary or next to labor and delivery and the OR rooms. He said "that way we can monitor you 24x7 now and react fast." Plus, he put me back on an IV of Magnesium Sulfate (2g/hr) for the preeclampsia.

So, that's where I'm at. Now, we wait and see...how the preeclampsia progresses, how it affects my body and how it affects the babies. I did see the girls today, for my daily heart tone ultrasound, and they were quite wiggly, just like Big Brother - ha! It's good to see they are doing well.

We'll keep everyone posted!

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Moni Graf said...

I love reading your post entries from one year ago. The comparison from one year to the next is incredible! Can't wait to read their birthday post.

Happy (early) birthday Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle!


Following Him said...

Happy early birthday Suzan, Anna, Bethany, and Brielle :)

I have been following your blog for a while and just added myself to follow you today. I am blog friends with the Walker Four, Mcnulty quads, Steece quads, and many more :)

Hope the girls have a wonderful birthday!

Cochran Quads said...

Heppy Birthday Babies!!!

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