Friday, March 06, 2009

Suzan Faith

Suzan. Suzan, Suzan, Suzan. You sweet little thing :) You are our first born out of the quads. Baby A. Ah, you know those "first borns." ;) It was because of you that the docs had to deliver you girls. Guess you decided to pop that water bag of yours and say "no more of this! my sisters and i are ready to come out and meet everyone!!" You were feisty and wiggly then (always tickling some organ of mine in there ;) ) and still feisty and wiggly now :) You are all over the place. You were the first one to crawl and the first to pull up. You are small yet mighty. We first thought you were a quiet little girl but nope. You definitely have an opinion of your own...and you like to let it be known :D

You are very sweet, always running up to me and jumping into my lap. You always give me a great big smile when you see me and you cry when I step away from you. Too sweet, little girly! You have a sweet yet funny little smile. It is so fun to hear you laugh, especially when you are laughing by yourself. I wonder what kind of sense of humor you will have? Silly? Dry? Quirky?

We call you "Big Sis," "Suz," "Suzie," "Suzie-Q," "Slim," "Skinny Mini." We praise God for you, Suzan...for how well you have done this past year, how much you have grown and developed and how sweet and unique of a little girl you are. We continue to pray for you...for your health and development, for your future into the years ahead and we pray for us, as Mom, Dad, Big Brother and Little Sisters, to learn who you are and how to embrace and love you more and more each day. Praise God for you, Suzan Faith!!!!

Suzan, at birthSuzan, 1 week oldSuzan, being bottle-fed by Dad (look how tiny she looks in Paul's hand!)Welcome home Suzan!Suzan's first smile. Look! She is chubby!!Suzan, in Grandma Carlson's armsSuzan wearing her summer outfit and hat...and giving me one of her funny looks ;)Suzan, giving me a raspberry :PSuzan's first time at the feeding tableSuzan's first taste of baby cerealSuzan gigglingSuzan's first time sitting up at bathtimeSuzan, crawling!Suzan, grabbing at our Christmas tree...stinker!Suzan pulled up!Suzan, looking so cute and sweet :DSuzan, at 1 year old!What a sweet Suzan!
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Tina said...

She is as cute as can be! She was so tiny at birth. Life is amazing, she is amazing.

Anne said...

Precious! She is such an adorable little girl. Such a miracle, a blessing.

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