Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Sunday afternoon at the park

Last Sunday afternoon we took the girls and Jared out to our neighborhood park. The weather was perfect and it had been a while since the kids spent some time at the park.

My first thought was to have the girls hang out in a piece of shaded grass. HA! With them crawling around and being more mobile keeping them in one place (without the use of a SuperYard) was not going to happen. Bethany and Brielle were off to explore. Anna and Suzan? Well, they weren't too into the grass area ;) So then I moved them to the swings, swinging two babies in each swing. They loved the swings. And Jared loved making sand castles and swinging next to the girls.

Here are some pics of the girlies. Mama forgot to take some pictures of the Big Guy...Ooops :( !

Suzan, not into the grass ;) Anna, REALLY not liking the grass :(Bethany, exploring the "yummy" dried leaves ;)Brielle, exploring tooSuzan on the swings. She never looks like she is having a good time in the swings BUT you take her out and she screams. She's too silly :PAnna, finally enjoying herself in the swingBethany, always having a good timeBrielle, enjoying the wind blow through her hair ;)
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Marla Herrick said...

The logistics that must be involved in getting 5 children to the park and home again must be exhausting. I imagine it's an all day event. Kudos.

Kami Lambe said...

Such cute pics! And I LOVE the weather here this time of year. I will miss it!

Cochran Quads said...

Looks like a beautiful park! You can sure tell the girls had fun!! So Sweet!!

Ronnica said...

Such fun pics! Love the hair blowing in the wind!

I came over from another blog, don't remember which.

The Stilwells said...

Susan loves the swings!!! She loves grass, leaves dirt anything!!! She loves to be outside and crawling so much that we has to wear pants or crop pants to protect her knees. We've recently invested in babylegs and those help lots when she is wearing dresses and bloomers.

Nathan hated the grass!!! he'd cry and cry. we could put a blanket down and he wouldn't leave the a built in outdoor playpen :)

the girls are so cute and big. I can't wait till we can meet them in person.

Dan and Margo said...

Wow, they are getting so big! So cute, too! I love the matching tank tops! Summer is on its way - we are also trying to enjoy the spring weather before it gets too hot.

The Gerwer Babies said...

How fun!! And your grass is so green! JEALOUS! Reid hates grass too :) THey look so cute.

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