Monday, March 23, 2009

Rub a dub dub four little ladies in a tub

Today, I decided to bathe all four girls TOGETHER. Mind you, I usually bathe them "assembly line" style one at a time, e.g. take one girl, bathe her, get her dressed and then move on to the next, and so on and so on. But today I decided to do something new (plus my helper was out sick so it was just me and I needed to buy myself some extra time). So, as usual, I got everything set up and prepared...bath towels and diapers in each crib, wash cloth, soap and rubber duckies into the bathtub, warm water waiting in the tub, new sheets out (oh, I also make "bath day" "change the sheets day"), strip each girl down to her diaper (and check to see if anyone was dirty beforehand!). Okay! Ready! Throw everyone in and wash like crazy ;) !!

Brielle, Bethany, Anna and Suzan waiting on MamaMan, that's a lot of babies in there! ;)Oh, they are happy. That is good :D !!Some play time while Mama takes some pictures of the cutie girls. Anna's too funny with the brush in her mouth :P Bethany - "are you INSANE mama? bathing all of us at the same time?!?!?!"Will I bathe them all together again? Probably. But not too soon. Maybe I'll go back a baby step and bathe two at a time ;)
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The Stilwells said...

you are brave woman!!! i do nathan and Susan together and I think I am going to have a heart attack everyday. I still use a seat for Susan and that helps. But you can't really have 4 seats huh? And Susan is trying to stand up and bend over to splash the water so pretty soon a seat won't work anyway.

Love the pictures!!!

Following Him said...

ADORABLE ADORABLE ADORABLE :) You are also one super mama too :)

Cochran Quads said...

Precious!!! I can't wait for that day!!!

Sarah said...

Good for you! Sometimes I have trouble with my 2 in the tub together!
Those are some great pics!

Mummy2LeonaLex said...

Delurking myself !! im a reader from England and just wanted to say what gorgeous little girls (and boy of corse!!) you have, ive wondered when i read your blog how it would be if i had 4 lil girls the same age !!phew hard work i bet!! but so worth it!! Love reading your posts take care xx

Charity Donovan said...

These pics are too cute!!!!!

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