Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jared's 5th Birthday Party

Whew! Again, I finally went through the ~200 pictures I took of Jared at his 5th birthday party. This year, we decided to have the party "out of the house" to protect the girls from little kid germies and for less hassle for us (not hosting in and preparing our home). It was nice.

We had his birthday party at a park. We had a bounce house for the kids to play in, bikes for the kids to ride on around the play area and a nice ramada for the cake-munching and present-opening festivities. Also, it is SO nice to have spring babies. The AZ March weather was perfect. Ahhhh! (sorry for those still dealing with remnants of the winter weather ;) ).

Here are some pictures of the birthday boy and his friends. More pictures are posted at our family's website, under "Jared" or "Birthdays - 2009."

Friends bouncing in the bounce house...GraceRyanAbigail and WillJared having fun jumpingEyanJared with WillThe kids biking around the play area. I believe they were trying to race each other ;)Abigail, Jared and RyleeTori, Eyan and Tyler coming around the cornerTyler and Will, at the tailendJared - "Vroom! Vroom!"Gracie joining inAnd Ryan tooCake time! Jared requested a "Cars" cake (yeah, 3rd year in a row :P Ha!)Jared, Mom and DadEveryone's waiting for some yummy cake! YUM!Time to sing "Happy Birthday" to JaredMake a wish, big guy!Jared with his friends, drooling over the cakeThe birthday boy, enjoying his yummy piece of "Cars" cakeHow old are you now Jared? - "FIVE!"Jared opening some of his presentsLegos from Gracie and Ryan. Thanks!Wow! A Nerf dart gun from Grammy. Thanks!Art supplies from Tori and Tyler. Thanks!A fun Transformers Bumblebee card from EyanCousins Jayson and Lisa, reading Jared's fun Bumblebee cardA Matchbox airport from Eyan. Thanks!A fun musical Spiderman card and Transformer machine from Rylee. Thanks!A card and Toys-R-Us gift card from Will. Thanks!Hot Wheels and a Hot Wheels race track from Abigail. Thanks!Legos from Cousins Jayson and Lisa. Thanks!A fun balloon from Cousins Jayson and LisaJared also had a fun little birthday celebration at school. We brought in birthday cookies and milk for his class and his teacher made him a crown...Birthday Boy for the Day!Thank you to EVERYONE that has loved on our boy for his 5th birthday. He, and we, appreciate it!!!!!
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Jac Tubre said...

He is just too precious for words! Congrats on 5 years big guy!


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