Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jared Paul

Jared. Oh where do we begin :) We love you VERY much sweetheart! You are our sweet and precious boy. Our very first baby. We were both excited (and surprised) to find out I was pregnant with you. Mind you, I found out I was pregnant while in the country of Turkey. Wow! Can you say "pregnancy test" in Turkish? ;) Thanks to Suzan B who was there and got a test for me. It was there that we found out God had blessed us with you. And we are SO happy He did! You grew big, very big, in Mama's tummy. You always measured about 4 weeks ahead of Mama. So we knew we should expect a BIG bundle of joy :D It was around 36 weeks that our doctors decided to deliver you via c-section, due to your big size. You were 10lbs and 10 days early (at 38.5 weeks). Whoa!

You were such a good baby to us, sleeping and eating so great. That's what made us decide to have more children...YOU :) You are a sweet and tender boy. You love to have fun and be silly. You enjoy learning and a so smart. You love to spend time with us, whether it be playing with Play-Doh, reading, drawing, watercolor painting, singing or playing along with your sisters. You have such a funny sense of humor that we love! Dad and I also love talking with you, about anything. Best of all, we love that you love Jesus and ask about Him and God.

We call you "Jared," "Mr. P," "JP," "Shrimpy," "Shrimp," "Big Guy," "Sweet Pea," "Sweet Boy" and now "Big Brother." We praise God for you, Jared...for your kind and loving heart, for your humor, for how God has kept you healthy and safe these last five years and for how precious you are to us. We continue to pray for you...for you as you enter public school/Kindergarten, for your walk with God and that we would be able to "impress on you" who God truly is, for us to spend more time with you, for you to enjoy our "bigger" family and, at the same time, enjoy your role as Big Brother and that we, Mom, Dad and your little sisters, would love on you and enjoy you and your uniqueness. Praise God for you, Jared Paul!!!!!

Jared at birthJared at bedtime (at 3.5mo)Jared on St. Patrick's Day 2005 (almost a year old)Jared on his 1st birthdayJared cruising around, being a little trouble maker ;) (at 13mo)Jared, cutie patootie! (at 15.5mo)Jared in ND with some fireworks (at 18mo)Jared (at 2yo) mowing with his bubble mowerJared in MN (a little over 2yo)Jared, starting to look like a big boy (at 2.5yo)Jared (at 3yo) enjoying his new scooterJared, the cute little ring bearer for Michael and Samara's wedding (at 3yo)Jared at swim lessons (at 3yo)Jared's first day of preschool (at 3.5yo)Jared wearing his AWANA's Cubbies vest (at 3.5yo)Jared, our sweet boy (at 3.5yo)Jared and his silly faces :O (at 4yo)Jared, the big five-year-old!!
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Cochran Quads said...

SWEET!! I know it's hard with an older one along with the quads for us, but we also know it's harder on them being the big brother/sister to 4 babies! You're a GREAT big brother Jared!!!

Marla Herrick said...

What a wonderful post. Happy B-day Jared. And congrats on raising such a wonderful little guy.

P.S. I'm starting to take marriage applications for my 5-year-old, Jocelyn. She's very bright. A self-starter and has a great sense of humor.

I kid. I kid. I figure if I have to register for kindergarten a year and a half early, I'd better get started on those marriage applications.

The best to you and your wonderful family...

Moni Graf said...

That was such a wonderfully sweet and insightful post about Jared. Thank you for sharing about him and about your family with us! Those girlies are SO lucky to have such a great big brother!


Anne said...

What a touching post about Jared! He is such a sweet boy. Can't believe he is 5 already. Happy birthday big guy!

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