Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The girls' hair is getting long these days, especially for the Big Girls (Anna and Bethany). So I thought it would be fun to try out some of the hairbows they received from friends for their birthday. Man, do they look like big girls with the hairbows on! And cute too :D

Suzan - "you want to put a WHAT in my hair? i don't think so lady!"Silly Suzan :PAnna all cute - "yeah, this pink bow suits me just fine!" wonder what in the world is she thinking - Ha!Bethany - "cheese!"Bethany...Ooooo, giving us her Elvis snarl :PBrielle, can you smile for Mama? Please!Brielle - "here you go mama! and you can see all of my toofers too!!"Now that these girlies are one it seems like some switch has been turned on. They are so much more active now, standing up and crawling around everywhere. They are interacting more and playing with each other now. They are SO fun and four WONDERFUL blessings! Awe, we love them!
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Cochran Quads said...

Sweet, sweet post!! Love those smiles!!! The bows are precious!!! Soon they'll be saying what Hannah Noelle says, the bigger the bow, the better!

Jen said...

Adorable pictures! Love the Elvis smile and Brielle's toothy smile. Can't wait until Ahnica can wear bows like those. :oP

Anne said...

Absolutely adorable little girls. So grown up.

Anonymous said...

So sweet! ANd i am insanly jealous! My kids hair DOESNT grow!!

Pam said...

hi maria! can i tell you how envious i am of adorable hair bows? ah well, at least *i* can wear them, if my kids can't. :)

about the soft-sole shoes, yes, i love them. they're easy to get on, but they stay on, and they are good for learning to walk. and good luck when yours start walking. yikes! my friend with the quads' girls are walking and it's just crazy! in a fun way. :)

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