Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Girls' 1st Birthday Party

Uff! Finally, what you've all been waiting for. Drum roll please...drrruuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Pictures of the girls' 1st birthday party :D I was finally able to wade through the ~300 pictures of their party. Man, Mama is a picture-taking machine ;) We have some video too but that will have to wait for another post.

So, without much further ado. Pictures of the girls 1st birthday par-tay! WARNING!! There are A LOT of pictures here. Grab a seat and start perusing.

Some pictures of the decorations (thanks again Ashley!!)The girls' cakes - Suzan's and Anna's
Bethany's and Brielle'sCake for guestsMore decorationsBalloons in their colors - yellow, pink, green and purpleThe girls, Suzan, Bethany, Anna and Brielle, with Cousin AudreyCake time! Suzan's cakeHappy 1st Birthday Suzan!Suzan - "oh my! this is gonna be messy!"Anna's cakeHappy 1st Birthday Anna!Anna - "yum!"Let's check back on Suzan...Um, yeah, just a little bit messy there ;)Suzan - "what? do i have something on my nose??"Just look at that mess!Oh wait! Anna's into it too! Ha!Anna - "mama, this stuff tastes pretty yummy!"Suzan - "yeah, i'm still here. just playing, i mean eating, my frosting :D"Anna - "me too!"Bethany's cakeHappy 1st Birthday Bethany!Then Bethany just decided to bend down and eat her cake that way - smart girl ;)Bethany - "NUM! NUM! NUM!"Brielle's cakeHappy 1st Birthday Brielle!Oh! Now Brielle is getting into it ;) Brielle - "Argh! This is FUN!"Let's look back and see how messy these little ladies are...Brielle...Bethany. Yeah, she was probably the only one that figured out there was cake to be eaten, versus just frosting to play with. Makes sense, since she is the food lover/enjoyer of the bunch ;)Bethany - "what? okay, so i like my food?!?!"...Anna - "what? there was CAKE in there? man!"And Suzan - "yeah, so i got a little carried away. what's the big deal?" ;) Um, time to take an intermission from the party and bathe the messy girlies :)Our special guests. Grandpa GDave and Kristi B. Kristi helped us TONS!!!! in coordinating volunteers to help us our first year with the girls. She is a HUGE blessing!Dave and Kristi's son, AsherAshley and Shawn M. Ashley is a very dear friend of ours now. She started off as a volunteer, coming at nights and all day to help us with the girls. A sweet and awesome woman!Faith with her Daddy :)Cousin Audrey and Mama. Audrey drove in from out of state, just for the girls' party. How sweet!!Suzan with Aunt LynnSuzan, with Uncle TimBethany with GrammyAnna and Brielle with Cousin AudreyBaby dollies from Grandpa and Grandma C. Thank you!!!!Jared helping Brielle "read" her card ;)Some fun winter hats and gloves from Uncle Tim and Aunt Lynn. Thank you!!!!Faith and Jared checking out the girls baby doll stroller/walker from the Patrick, Karen, Gracie and Ryan M. Thank you!!!!A fun Fisher-Price Barn toy from Grammy. Thank you!!!!Having funBethany checking out her new outfit from the Shawn, Ashley and Faith M. Thank you!!!!Brielle after the exciting party. Thank you everyone!!!!Anna after the exciting party. Thank you everyone!!!!Suzan after the exciting party. Thank you everyone!!!!Bethany after the exciting party. Thank you everyone!!!!The Carlson 7 (yeah, we weren't able to keep the hats on the girls ;) ). Bethany, Mama, Anna, Jared, Suzan, Dad, and Brielle.Whew! That's A LOT of pictures there ;) Thank you to Ashley M who took some of the pictures for us!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped us this first year with the girls!
We appreciate your help! You are a BLESSING to us!!!!

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Mary Anne Whiteley said...

Super cute! The girls will enjoy their farm. Both of my girls loved theirs until about 5 or 6 years, worth every cent!

The Kaylor Kastle said...

Bethany's face plant into her cake was priceless. All of them looked like they thoroughly enjoyed their happy day!

The Stilwells said...

so sweet!!!

Marla Herrick said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! What an awesome family you have. I only have twins and I can't remember how we survived the first year. What an accomplishment! Congrats. Your girls and your little boy are beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful day, you deserve it! Hopefully we'll meet up at a DSMOM event sometime soon...

Cochran Quads said...

So, you're already working on my kids' birthday outfits, right? Make Gunner's a 4T, I'm sure that's what he'll be in my then!!

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