Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brielle Grace

Brielle. Oh, you little peanut :D Our Baby D...or the "baby" of the group. You had the penthouse suite in Mama's tummy - up high and on top. You were the smallest one born out of the girls. Although, now you've surpassed Suzan on weight. Guess you are trying to break your image of being the "baby" or "tiny" one of the bunch ;) You were the one that stayed the longest in the NICU and, because of that, you are the one we're always concerned about. You, like Bethany, have always been a good eater. Although, I remember times in the NICU that you forgot to breathe while nursing or taking your bottle. Silly girl :P I also remember the NICU nurses telling us "wow, is she loud. she definitely knows how to scream." Well, I wouldn't say you are a screamer but you definitely can voice your opinion in a very loud way ;) Some folks also say you are a mini-me of Mama. I can see a little bit of resemblance there.

You are always smiling. Everyone knows that already :D You smile with just about everyone. Such a happy-go-lucky little girl. There are times when you like to be a bit silly, jumping up and down in your seat, waving your arms around, squawking or grunting and sniffing that nose of yours. It's like you are trying to get every one's attention ;) You also love to look at sparklies, e.g. rings, necklaces, watches, earrings. Some call you my "bling baby." Oh, I hope not too much :D You are also a very strong girl, ever since the beginning. I remember you holding up your head, sitting up, standing, bearing your weight and rocking on all fours at an early age. I guess you live up to your name..."God is my strength."

We call you "Brielle," "Little Peanut," "Peanut" and "Fuzzy" (yeah, folks can see why we call you Fuzzy...it's the hair ;) ). We praise God for you, Brielle...for you overcoming your preemie issues while in the NICU, for your great health and development this first year and for the progress you have made physically (in fine and gross motor skills). We continue to pray for you...for your physical and cognitive development, for your sweet smile to never stop shinning and for us, as Mom, Dad, Big Brother and Big Sisters, to enjoy your smiles and strength. Praise God for you, Brielle Grace!!!!

Brielle, at birthBrielle, 1 week oldBrielle, giving us a funny faceBrielle, celebrating her "Zero Birthday" in the NICUBrielle, holding up her headBrielle on Father's Day 2008Brielle, sound asleep :DBrielle wearing her summer outfit and hatBrielle's first time in the feeding tableBrielle's first taste of baby cerealBrielle, sitting up on her ownBrielle on her hands and kneesBrielle, all smiley sitting up for the first time at bathtimeBrielle, waking up in her cribBrielle pulling up in the playroomBrielle being smiley (again :D )Brielle, at 1 year old! (and she, too, wasn't up for getting pictures when sick :( )
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Three Peas in a Pod said...

What a beautiful smile:) I love her crazy hair;)

Dan and Margo said...

Maria, I love how you made a special post for each girl! They will really appreciate that when they are older! You're a great mom!

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

I love the last picture with the tear in her eye. I like it because it's more candid and real. I have a picture of my oldest (now almost 10) sucking her thumb, holding her lovey and a tear under her eye, just like Brielle. And I ordered one. It's real. It's life!

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