Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blackbean-beard Brielle

"Argh! Don't mess with the Blackbeard Brielle! Or is it Blackbean-beard Brielle? In any case, Arrrrrrgh!! If ye comment about her hair, she'll have ye be walking the planks! Shiver me timbers! All ye Scallawags, ye be SCARED of Blackbean-beard Brielle! Argh!"

Yeah, having too much Pirate fun here :P Here, Brielle was enjoying some black beans for lunch. It looked like she had a little black beard or gotee going on here from the black beans. Poor little girly, with Mama teasing her ;) I will say I tried to get a picture of Blackbean-beard Brielle giving me a "tougher," "more piratey" or "snorty" face. She almost gave me one. It was too funny :D
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Cochran Quads said...

Too Cute!! I'm so glad I listened to you guys and got those bibs.... I LOVE them!!! They fit Little Bity Lauren and Big Ole' Gunna Boy!! HN even throws one on from time to time just to "fit" in!! No hair comments here, honey, except that between you and Avery, your mom and I better buy some stock in some hair products, we're SO in 4 it!! Luv Ya!

Carrie K said...

Ha ha... Julia just had black beans yesterday for the first time and they were a hit! Blessings to you and all your sweet girls!

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