Monday, March 09, 2009

Bethany Hope

Bethany. Oh, Bethany! Our Baby C. You are such a sweet little, er big, girl! You are a very smiley and giggly little girl. As with Anna, it was either you or she that scared us in developing Hydrops in your abdomen while you were in Mama's tummy. We also worried about the Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome occurring among the two of you. We praise God that both of these issues didn't last, occur or harm you two! Amen!!

You love to be tickled. You always give us great big laughs. You love playing peak-a-boo. You love to crawl everywhere and pull up on anything. You are, and have always been, our best eater, which is evident in your growth and appetite ;) You, like Suzan, love to seek me out, crawl to me and climb into my lap, always giving me an "i love you mama!" grin. You have the cutest little smile, sometimes a little squinty and crooked. It's like you know you are playing with us with your smile ;) You have a very warm and welcoming personality and an easy-going attitude. You definitely like to do things "your way" at times.

We call you "Bethany," "Junior Sis," "Big Girl" and "Miss Green Jeans." We praise God for you, Bethany...for God's hand at work in protecting and healing you in-utero (keeping the TTTS away and possibly healing those Hydrops from you!), for how awesome your health and growth has been this past year, for your sweet smile and big laughs. We pray for you...for your development into a big girl, for your relationships with your sisters, your Big Brother and Mama and Dad and for us, as Mom, Dad, Big Brother and Sisters, to love you more and more and to enjoy your happy and sunny disposition. We praise God for you, Bethany Hope!!!!

Bethany, at birth. Look at that chubby face! :DBethany, 1 week oldBethany, being bottle-fed by Dad. Yup, she could (and still does) down those bottles ;)Welcome home Bethany!Bethany wearing a hand-knitted bonnet from a friendBethany, asleep in the bouncerBethany, NOT liking her new cranial band ;)Bethany found her thumb (and she, too, still enjoys it at bedtime ;) )Bethany in the feeding table for the first timeBethany's first taste of baby cerealBethany in her pretty green dressBethany, all bubbly for her first time sitting up at bathtimeBethany swingingBethany and her funny little smile ;)Bethany enjoying her morning breakfast of wafflesBethany wearing her first pony tailBethany, at 1 year old!
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Karen Moise said...

Thank you for telling your miracle girls stories! As a nurse at Texas Children’s Fetal Center, I am dedicated to educating parents of multiples about TTTS. Your story gives me hope that the message is finally spreading! Thanks for sharing. Karen

camryn said...

Hi! I've been a loyal follower of your wonderful story for many months now and I too live in AZ. My husband and I just recently found out that we're expecting triplets late this summer and I was wondering if you'd be able to share a few tips and answer a few questions I have. One, question first though...where did you get those precious name wall hangings for each little girl? Anyway, hopefully we'll be able to chat some more one day. This process is so new and I'm learning there's a lot I'm going to need!
As always, you have a beautiful site.

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