Saturday, March 07, 2009

Anna Joy

Anna. Sweet little girl! Baby B. I don't know if it was you or your twin sister, Bethany, but one of you gave us a scare developing Hydrops in-utero. We prayed and cried and prayed some more for those Hydrops to go away. Thanks to God, He took them away and now both of you are here with us! Amen!! We continually prayed for you while Mama carried you, that the Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome would not occur and affect you (or Bethany). Thanks to God again that did not happen and you were a happy and healthy little baby girl with no complications! Amen Amen!! You also loved to turn and roll around in my belly. Man, could you turn around even with the little amount of room you had in there ;)

You are so lovable! You have always had a quiet and gentle spirit. I call you my "tender heart" because I think you do. I know you have a tender heart for our kitty. You laugh and giggle when she comes by you. You pet her with such a gentle touch and a great big grin. I know you would just love to hug and hold Bear all day if you could ;) You are content to play alone by yourself but at other times enjoy playing with the others. You are a "go with the flow" kind of girl. You love the swing! Man, do you love the swing. Even if you can lay under the swing and play with it - Ha! You have a sweet smile and squeazeable cheeks :D I remember when you would squeal, or what we called "sing," when you were little. You still do love to squeal and sing. It's too cute! You also loved to sleep a lot when you were little. You were, and still are, my best sleeper. Yay for that ;) !

We call you "Middle Sis," "Anna Banana," "Banana" and "Miss Pink." We praise God for you, Anna...for how you stayed healthy in-utero, how healthy you were at birth and still are, how sweet and gentle of a spirit you have and how giggly you can be :) We continue to pray for you...for your physical development, for your tender heart and your love for God's furry creatures and for us, as Mom, Dad, Big Brother and Sisters, to love and embrace your sweet and gentle spirit and encourage you in any way possible. Praise God for you, Anna Joy!!!!

Anna, at birthAnna, 1 week old. So sweet!Welcome home Anna!Anna, on the girls' "Zero Birthday," or my due date (4/26/2008) :)Anna's first smile :DAnna, on Father's Day 2008Anna's cranial band fitting. Oh what fun those helmets were ;)Anna found her thumb (and still likes it at bedtime)Anna, getting all dried off after a bathAnna, sitting in the feeding tableAnna's first taste of baby cereal - YUM!Anna, in her unfinished pink flower Halloween costumeAnna sitting up!Anna laughingAnna's first time sitting up at bathtimeAnna and her pony tail :DAnna, at 1 year old! (and not too happy taking pictures when sick :( )
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Anne said...

Cute and precious. More beautiful pictures to look at. What a blessing for you to have such beautiful little girls, and lest not forget handsome Jared!

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