Thursday, March 05, 2009

1 year stats

The girls went in for their 1 year well-visit today. Although, they weren't feeling very "well" for it. Four sickies/cranky pants :( Oh well (Ha! another "well" there ;) )

They got checked out and we were told they "look so great! so big and healthy!" and "so sweet and smiley." Praise God for all of that!! They did get some shots but not all of them, due to them being under the weather. So we'll take them back in to the pediatrician in two weeks or so for them to get the rest of their shots.

Here are their 1-year stats:
Suzan -
18lbs (9th %tile) **almost 5x her birth weight!
28.75" long (48th %tile)
18.5" head (91st %tile)

Anna -
22lbs (73rd %tile) **a little over 5x her birth weight!
29.5" long (73rd %tile)
19.5" head (above 100th %tile)

Bethany -
22lbs 10oz (76th %tile) **almost 5x her birth weight!
30.5" (90th %tile) **wondering if Anna and Bethany are really an inch off in height. Hm...
19.5" head (above 100th %tile)

Brielle -
19lbs (23rd %tile) **about 5.3X her birth weight!
28.5" long (30th %tile)
17.5" head (30th %tile)

***FYI, here are Jared's 1-year stats (just to put it in perspective ;) ) Uff! Man, Anna and Bethany are not too far from where Jared was at a year old. And they are girls?! Crazy! But, like we already know, Paul and I just make some big babies here :D

Jared -
23 lbs 5 oz (52nd %tile)
31.25 inches long (90th %tile)
19.5" head circumference (off the charts)
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Tina said...

They are incedibly adorable! They are not too far off stats at all.

My little girl is 17 months old and only 22 pounds. She was less than 20 at a year. She was almost 9 pounds at birth.

You are doing a great job mama, keeping those babies happy and healthy! Tell me, do they fight over all the toys? Mine are 2 and 1 and fight over everything thing one minute and the next they are hugging and playing together!

Jac Tubre said...

Great weights and stats! You are so blessed with those FIVE healthy babes.


Emily's Blog said...

I hope everyone had a great
Happy 1st, Birthday!!
I hope they get all the toys that wanted, and eat plently of cake.

I found your blog a few months ago, through the Tubre's and I have loved reading past months posts and "catching up" on the girls.

Once again,
Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary.

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