Thursday, February 05, 2009

One year ago - admitted to the hospital

It was exactly a year ago today, on 2/5/08, that my days at home pregnant with the girls would end. My doctor ran a test on me to check my protein levels and unfortunately they came back elevated. That meant pre-eclampsia :( I still remember Val, PPA's nurse practioner, calling me at home telling me "well, get your bags packed because you are getting admitted to Good Sam for pre-eclampsia. i'm calling them, right now, to expect you." Boo hoo hoo! Yes, I wasn't too thrilled to be admitted, away from my husband and 3-year old son. But I knew that the hospital was the perfect place to monitor me and the girls. Little did I know that I would spend a month there until the girls would be born. We all thought I would deliver sooner, due to the pre-eclampsia, but nope. And then, I didn't even deliver because of the pre-eclampsia. You'll just have to wait a month to hear that story, when I re-tell the birth of our quadruplets. Wow, one month left!

Here is what I journalled a year ago...

February 5th, 2008 (28.3 weeks): Well, my days at home are over :( Some lab work of mine came back a little high for pre-eclampsia. Blech!! With that my docs said "get admitted to the hospital now." That's where I'll be for the remainder of this pregnancy until delivery.

My blood pressure has gone up a bit now too, around 142/60. Not too high, thanks to God, but still above the 140+ / or 90+ limits. No vision or headache problems, so that is good.

I had an ultrasound here in the hospital and the girls are still doing wonderful, thanks to God. They weighed between 2lbs 8oz and 2lbs 13oz, or 10lbs 9oz total. Last time their combined weight was 8lbs 10oz. So they’ve gained a combined 2lbs in the last three weeks!

My docs are watching me like a hawk, making sure they are keeping up with the pre-e. It's good to know that they are the best docs to be taking care of me and the girls. Ideally, we hope I can make it until 34 weeks, or mid-March, for delivery. But things can change and I trust God and his plan for us.

Please pray for us all - me and my health, the babies and their health, Paul and Jared!!
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King Quads said...

Can't believe they are almost a year already. I can't wait to see your awesome pictures of their birthday. I LOVE your pictures! Susan is my favorite - I know you aren't allowed to have favorites, but she just reminds me of my little peanut Kendelle. All of your girls are so beautiful and the little guy is just too cute - you have a wonderful family.

Sharon said...

Sounds so familiar! Like you are writing my own memories...only I had just three!

Just surfing around and ran into this site! Just thought I would pass
it on. I think they are so cute. I can just imagine my girls in
matching outfits right now!!!

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