Friday, February 20, 2009

Little Vampires

I was dreading this day. I didn't want it to happen. I thought maybe we'd escape from it. I thought "no, it won't happen to us." Now, it has happened. Uff! What am I talking about? Well...yesterday...Suzan...BIT Bethany! Ack! We have biters!! Okay, maybe one biter so far ;) Paul, Jared and I were eating dinner yesterday evening and the girls were playing in the playroom. All of a sudden a baby cried out and I knew it was a "pain" cry, versus a "someone took my toy" cry or a "i'm pinned by my sister" cry or a "where's mama? i know you're there mama!" cry. I didn't know what to expect when I ran to the playroom. What I found was Bethany on her tummy crying very hard and Suzan sitting up in front of her, just happily playing with a toy. Anna and Brielle were far away from these two, playing by themselves. I thought "what? what happened?" Then, I looked down and saw four little teeth marks severely indented in Bethany's right hand. "Oh no! Suzan bit Bethany!! What in the world?!"

Poor little Bethany's hand with Suzan's teeth marks :( (right above her knuckle)I said "oh no Suzan. no bite." She just looked at me with one of her funny looks she usually gives me. Poor Bethany just wanted Mama and was crying hard :(

I still can't believe Suzan bit her. How did she learn that? Where did she get that from? How did she even know to use her teeth in that way, to either defend herself or purposely hurt someone else? That's just crazy to think that! All I know is I dread any future biting from the girls and really didn't want this day to come. Now, I guess we'll need to be referees to the smackdowns that will occur and try to prevent any more biting from our little vampires ;)
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The Kaylor Kastle said...

It's time for rude medicine Mommy. Everytime the girls bit each other, they were given rude medicine. I used apple cider vinegar, but of course some of my friends used hot sauce. This too shall pass...and you gotta remember, babies have a sinful nature so I think the better question is..why haven't they done this sooner to each other? ;o)

Sharron said...

This is a very common thing for babies to do. My daughter would bite the little girl I took care of and say I kiss Lisa. She had no idea that it hurt. It took a while but putting her in the crib for a "time out" seemed to do the trick. She was 18 months. I wouldn't put anything in her mouth. Show the bitten child love and concern in front of the bitter. Good luck.
I have never written to you but have followed for a while and your daughters are darling.

Jac Tubre said...

Ah, welcome to the world of biting insanity Maria...step on in, the water's fine :) Abbey is a serious biter...I mean draw blood on someone daily biter. And she is FAST. I have no suggestions, but if you find something that works, send it my way.


Anonymous said...

I would guess Susan was just wondering what Bethany's hand would feel like between her teeth. I doubt she was doing it to cause harm at this point. Kezia and Evelyn only bit minorly. At least Evelyn has not done it much so far. I think every kid probably bites a little bit to try it out. I think Kezia and Evelyn have only bitten me, so I was able to tell them a stern NO BITE right away and put them down on the floor. It is not fun to start punishing the small ones.


Anne said...

Poor Bethany! Her little hand looks like it really hurt! Time to deal with this problem full force. This phase shall, too, pass.

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