Monday, February 16, 2009

Life with Quads, The 1st Year - "What keeps us sane"

Here's a second installment of our "Life with Quads, The 1st Year." You can read the first post of the series here.

I thought I'd share our thoughts on what has kept us sane in raising quadruplets the 1st year (plus a preschooler). Here are our top 16, in no particular order.
  1. Having structure and a schedule. See previous posts on our day with 2-month olds and our day with 7-month olds.

  2. Volunteer help from friends and family. A HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who has helped us with meals and with the five kids! We are SO blessed by you!

  3. Visiting with friends and family (this keeps Mama especially sane ;) ).

  4. Our church community, e.g. the women's Bible study meeting in our home when the babies were tiny, Paul meeting with the men once or twice, group get togethers.

  5. Getting out, either by ourselves (run errands, Mama attend MOPS) or together (one-on-one time with Jared, date nights for Dad and Mom).

  6. Going to church!! The girls are not attending with us, due to it being RSV/flu season, but we hope they will join us once we are free from "lockdown." Wow, that will be quite the trip/endeavor/outing/circus ;) !!

  7. PBS kids and TiVO. That way Jared can watch Word Girl or Curious George in the morning while we're feeding the girls.

  8. The little conveniences, such as washing our bottles in the Munchin baskets in the dishwasher, the sanitize cycle on our dishwasher, Boppies to feed the girls in.

  9. Having each other to rely on!!

  10. Our various quad equipment. Specifically our quad feeding table, Runabout quad stroller and the BHV (aka, Big Huge Van). LIFE SAVERS!! (despite my kicking and screaming to NOT get these items and NOT be a freak show - Ha! :D ).

  11. Getting a nap once in a while (more so for Mama, less for Dad :D ).

  12. Camaraderie and knowledge-sharing with fellow POM (aka, Parents of Multiples). Gotta love checking in with our friends with quads (via email or blogs) and with those on Triplet Connection.

  13. TV/veg/"decompress" time together at the end of the day. This didn't start, though, until the girls were about 5 months old.

  14. Play dates, pre-k school and neighborhood play time for Jared. That boy needs learning and playtime with his friends!

  15. Laptop/computer/blogging time :D

  16. The little fun things, especially for Mama (such as sewing/crafts/photography).
Hope you have a few sanity favorites of your own too.
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Lindsay said...

Hi I just found your blog.... Hugs those babies and Jared extra tight. You are amazing with 5 little ones.... I had one and it was difficult.
Lindsay- Avi's mommy

Suzanne said...

woo hoo!!! happy almost 1 bday!!!

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