Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone has a blessed Valentine's Day today! Ours will be surrounded by our five beautiful and handsome valentines :D

Jared, looking mighty cute and handsome, showing off his valentine and chocolates ;)Okay, now I understand why everyone was so impressed a month or so ago that I got a group picture of the girls. Now, at almost a year old, they don't sit still for a minute. Ack! It took me several attempts to finally get a decent group shot. They are all just movers and shakers!

Attempt #1. Bethany and Brielle saying "mama, we don't have time to sit here! there's the whole world out there to explore!!!!"Okay, how about now? Attempt #2...nopeNow? Attempt #3?...nopeLet's see if you just want to go outside. Then, maybe you will sit still for mama? Attempt #4...nope'Cmon girls! P-L-E-A-S-E?!?!?! Attempt #5...nopeWhew! Finally, a decent one of them - Suzan, Anna, Bethany and BrielleAnd in case you were trying to read what is on their shirts (thanks Misty U, by the way!!)...Suzan - "lots of love"Anna - "my heart belongs to daddy"Bethany - "mommy's little heart breaker"And Brielle - "princess...if the crown fits"I have planned a fun Valentine's dinner for Paul, Jared and I. I thought it would be fun to make some pink heart-shaped pancakes, eggs, bacon and strawberry pink milk. We've eaten breakfast for dinner many times before but not with pink and heart-shaped food. I think Jared will like it. I am trying to keep it a surprise but he has already asked me questions..."mama, why is the pancake mix out?", "mama, what are we going to do with the food coloring?", "mama, are we making heart-shaped cookies? (while looking at the heart cookie cutter)", "mama, what is this pink stuff (the pink strawberry Nesquik)." What a nosey nose! :) My answer to all of his questions has been "it's for dinner and it's a surprise." Should be fun for him :D
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Cochran Quads said...

Take lots of pics and let us know how it goes!!!

Jen said...

LOVE the shirts! Adorable!

Misty said...

I"m soooo happy the shirts worked for them! I have some more that we had for this year, so I'm sure on the next clean-out, they will be headed your way. It's the ones they are wearing on the blog. :)
Happy Valentine's day!
LOVED the invite! I need to get this photoshop cs thing!

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