Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Game on!

Yesterday, Jared and I ventured out of the house to Target. Ahhhhh, Target :) It's just nice to get out and bum around Target "shopping." Well, actually we went there to pick up some Valentine's Day cards for Jared to take to his class next week.

So we found the cards and he picked out his favorite (Disney Cars themed, of course ;) ). Afterwards we strolled around a bit. It was then that I found the 75% off area on toys. So I looked. That's where I found two board games for about $3.50 each. Score! Although, I have never heard of these games but they sounded like fun. So we got the NOODLEBORO Learning About Manners Picnic Basket Game and the NOODLEBORO Learning to Listen Pizza Palace Game.
Paul, Jared and I played the Learning to Listen Pizza Palace game last evening and it was fun. Excellent game! Jared did great listening to Paul's orders for pizzas and made almost all of his pizzas perfectly. Way to go bud!

I recommend these cute little board games for anyone with a preschooler. It's a cute way to have fun but also teach them some social skills, e.g. listening and manners. Woo hoo for the Target sales :) !!

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Taryn Choate said...

Those are very cute!! I've never even seen these at Target. I'm definitely going to have to check out my Target to see if they're there. Brigham would love these, they'd be perfect for him!! Sounds like Jared had a great time with his new games.

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