Monday, February 02, 2009

400th post!

Yup, this is the 400th post on our blog. Man, that's a lot of posts ;) So here are some fun "400" trivia.

What were we doing 400 days ago (or on 12/29/07)? I was 23 weeks pregnant with the girls. Paul was busy taking care of Jared and me and the girls were just hanging out in my belly :D Here's what I looked like at about 23 weeks pregnant with quads. Uff!

400 diapers and bottles? Our girls went through 400 diapers and their 400th bottle when they were about 12.5 days old. Uff! That's a lot of diapers and bottles in that short amount of time! Jared, on the other hand, went through his 400th diaper when he was about 50 days (or a little less than 2 months) old. Crazy, I say!

400 seconds (or a little over 6 minutes) ago I...heard one or two of the girls cough and I took a sip of orange juice. FYI...somehow I've gotten addicted to O.J. lately. Strange.

Here is our 400th picture on my computer. This picture is of a gift Paul received on his birthday back in 2002. I forget where this seal lamp is now ;)6 hours and 40 minutes (or 400 minutes) ago we were...finishing up feeding the girls a breakfast of breastmilk, yogurt, bananas and waffles.

Jared watches 400 minutes of PBS Kids shows about every 13 days. We limit his TV time to 30 minutes a day. Man, that TV time adds up!

400 miles from our home is...Los Angeles, CA, St George, UT, Four Corners (hey, that's pretty cool!) and Truth or Consequences, NM.

The girls will be 400 days old on 4/8/09.

So there you have it, our 400th post :D

On another topic, please pray for our girls. Apparently they got whatever cold bug Jared had. They all are snotty, congested and coughing. Yuck! Poor Suzan spiked a fever last night and she and Paul went into the ER. It looks like she has an ear infection (perhaps as as result from the cold??). So we're watching her fever (treating it with tylenol and ibuprofen) and giving her amoxicillin for the ear. Praying she gets better (and eats/drinks better!!!) ASAP...that all of the girls get over this crud ASAP!

And boo hoo that the Cardinals didn't win last evening :( Oh well. We're proud that they even made it to the Super Bowl. That's awesome in itself!
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Suzanne said...

yaay on the 400th post! and ICK about the crud that is going around....all four of the steece's currently have it. YUCKO! prayers for healthy kiddies! no doubt!!!!

Three Peas in a Pod said...

Maria wow! 400posts! very amazing!! Congrats! by the way, I'm "Luci":) I've been following your blog:) Your girls are doing AWESOME! WOW!

Moni Graf said...

I'm gonna have to watch creative little thing, you!

Happy 400th post and praying that the crud goes over easy on your family.


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