Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"4-titude: 4 sets of quads born at same hospital"

In case you missed it this morning, The Today Show interviewed 3 of 4 families that each delivered a set of quads at Good Sam Hospital here in Phoenix, all within 6 weeks. Here is the ariticle transcript. We met with three of these families when they were pregnant...the Crisantis, the Lambes and Dafna and Eli.

Good Samaritan Hospital and Phoenix Children's Hospital and NICU, along with Dr. Elliot and the many other perinatologists at PPA, are the best when it comes to taking care of high-order multiple (HOM) pregnancies. I can't say enough good things about them. We feel SO blessed that we live in AZ and were able to be taken care of the doctors and nurses of these excellent hospitals! It definitely is a God thing that we live in AZ and that all of the excellent HOM healthcare is here. Praise God that He decided to have us live here in AZ! Praise God for His perfect plan for us!!
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Marilee said...

I saw some video of Dr. Elliott just the other day on MSNBC. Seemed like such a kind doctor.

I like that one of the couples planned the same color coding that you guys do.

Thanks for sharing this link!

Andria said...

I wonder how many multiples Dr. E has delivered. He comes highly recommended by a lot. What a great guy!

Rebecca Armendariz said...

Andria - Dr. Elliott has delivered nearly 100 sets of quads, 10 sets of quints and two sets of sextuplets. :)

-Rebecca, Banner Good Samaritan Public Relations

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