Wednesday, February 04, 2009

11 months old!

Oh my! Our girls are 11 months old today! What?!?!?! One month to go until they turn a year old. Uff! I'd better get things finalized on their birthday bash then ;)

Anna, Bethany, Suzan and Brielle at 11 months old. FYI...Anna wasn't too happy with me here as I had just taken her out of the swing. These girls really LOVE their swing time. All of them shed tears for that thing :DI still can't believe that they are 11 months old. What happened to the little tiny girls we had? No more. They are...
  • all over the place crawling around
  • love playing with each other, big brother, Dad and Mama
  • pulling up
  • know when Mama steps away and love to beckon me at their every whim - Ha!
  • love to eat at the table, especially Suzan. I think she loves the table food more than her bottle
  • getting their two front's like they are singing "all i want for my 1st birthday is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, see my two front teeth..." That will be a total of at least 6 teeth per baby. Goodness!
  • clapping
  • mimicking us, sounds and each other. Monkey see, monkey do :D
  • all getting over their first real cold. Poor girls :(

  • Here are their 11 month weights (thanks to the Synagis shots ;) ):
    Suzan - 17lbs 4oz
    Anna - 21lbs 3oz
    Bethany - 22lbs 1oz
    Brielle - 18lbs 3oz

    They are such precious, precious little girls! So sweet and loving! We praise God for how well they are doing and growing!! We will have fun celebrating (albeit, a small celebration due to RSV/flu season) their 1st year in a month. Lots and lots of praise to God for surviving that first year! Woo hoo ;) !
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    Suzanne said...

    SOOOOOOO flippin' cute! congrats on almost making it one year!!! such a huge accomplishment!!! hope the girls get better SOON! we have the crud as well! :(

    Kami Lambe said...

    Happy 11 months girls!

    Marilee said...

    I love that they are each an individual. You have four beautiful girls, each with their own combination of Maria and Paul. Okay, two are a bit more alike :) And Jared, too, of course!

    We will be in town the first of March (March 6-8 or so). I hope I will be able to pop over and say hi!

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