Thursday, January 22, 2009

Would you like to swing on a star

The other day my mom came over to visit me and the kids at lunch time. It was also the day that I decided to get our carpets cleaned. Well, usually after meal time we let the girls play in the play room but not this day, as the carpet was mighty wet. So my mom suggested taking the girls out in the Runabout and Jared on his bike for a stroll. That's just what we did. We also decided to stop by our neighborhood park and let Jared expend some energy ;) It was there that I thought "hey, let's let the girls swing a bit." They enjoyed it! Anna and Bethany thought it was a blast, giggling and squealing. Brielle warmed up to it and smiled near the end. Suzan, on the other hand, was a bit timid on the swings. Don't know why. She just held on to the bucket seats and let Mama, Grammy and Big Brother push her and her sisters, flashing a smile every now and then.

Here are some pics of the girls swinging. Sorry, they aren't the best pictures. They came from my cell phone camera. We had the girls swinging back to back with each other. Their first time swinging in big swings AND outside :)

SuzanAnnaBethanyBrielleHope we get to enjoy our wonderful 70- or 80-degree weather here for a little while longer. It will start to warm up come April or May :P

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The Kaylor Kastle said...

I'm so glad you took them outdoors..they needed that! My twins(age 5) still fit in the baby swings together, but I'm guessing your girls will pass mine up in weight very soon.

Marilee said...

Good idea, putting two in one swing!! I hadn't thought of that before!!

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