Saturday, January 17, 2009

Table manners

So, our girls have been eating "table or finger" foods for a while now. I'm trying to introduce them to a wide range of foods, within reason ;) Here is what I've given them so far. Any suggestions from other moms out there would be appreciated.

for breakfast
  • waffles
  • yogurt
  • fruits (applesauce, peaches, pears, pineapple, bananas)
  • pancakes
  • toast/bread
  • Quaker oatmeal
  • scrambled egg yolks

  • for lunch
  • veggies (carrots, peas, lima beans, green beans)
  • quesadillas
  • cheese and crackers
  • avocado

  • for dinner
  • beans (green, black, pinto, kidney)
  • cooked pasta (ditalini, gemelli)
  • potatoes (white, sweet)

    Lately, the girls LOVE their breakfast of bananas (fruit), yogurt and waffles. Suzan especially likes it. I think she is a carb fanatic like me :) I can tell that she enjoys her table food more than her bottle. Bethany and Brielle continue to be the chow hounds, eating up whatever we serve them. Suzan and Anna are a bit more particular to the fare.

    The girls also have been holding their bottles for the last few weeks. Hallelujah! :) Suzan, Anna and Bethany hold them like pros whereas Brielle still needs some help from us. Here are some pictures of the girls eating this morning (fyi, it was dress day today, hence them all wearing dresses :D )

    Suzan, holding her bottle - "mama, can i eat in peace please?"Anna - "hi mama!"Bethany - "glub, glub, glub"Brielle - "mmmm! mm!"Close-ups of the girls - SuzanAnna (smiling)Bethany (smiling also...and drinking at the same time? hm...)BrielleSuzan - "waffles for breakfast? yay!!"Anna - "oooo! this one looks especially tasty!"Bethany - "i could eat waffles all day!"Brielle"oh thank you mama! it was a lovely breakfast meal!"Man, oh man! Our girls are just getting bigger and bigger! Soon they will be drinking from sippy cups (let's pray so!!) and eating like big girls at the table. I can't believe it!!

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    Kattelman Family said...

    Cottage cheese - I am not a fan but my kids love it. I started with jarred baby fruit mixed in and now they will eat it by itself.

    The Kaylor Kastle said...

    Frozen blueberries..great for teething and our favorite around here..mac n cheese!!

    Anonymous said...

    Your menu sounds like mine! :)
    I also toss the waffles in whole milk yogurt just til they are coated. Its a bit messy but htey love it! Same with cheerios! Anything to get my kids to gain weight, they are tiny. Also, pancakes (i add infant apple sauce 2nd stage and cinnamon to the batter, love it).
    Lunch they eat sweet pot fries as well, love them. cheese squares. for dessert, they love broken up pieces of nilla wafers and earths best organic apple cinnamon fruit bars.
    FAV for dinner is ravioli cut up. We eat organic three cheese or butternut squash ravioli. Sometimes if i feel up the mess, i lightly coat the pieces in organic tomato sauce or even organic alfredo sauce (againtrying to pack on weight for my kids).
    My kids always like elbow pasta cooked with olive oil on it too.
    Girls are beautiful! I just love your pictures all the time too!

    Charity Donovan said...

    i remember when my crew started holding their bottles...I did a happy dance every time! lol! You have a beautiful family.

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