Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pull ups and chin ups

So, apparently our children think it's time to build some muscle by working out with pull ups and chin ups :) First, Brielle pulled up to her knees on a toy the other day. Now, it's Suzan pulling up in her crib! That little stinker ;) Paul first pointed out Suzan pulling up the other night, as I walked into the purple nursery to find her in a corner of her crib pulled up to her knees. I asked him "did you do that?!" He said "nope. not me." Ack! Needless to say, we lowered their cribs immediately.

Suzan, looking like a smartie pants :PJust when I think these girls are a little boring, just little baby blobs not doing much, they start movin' and shakin' all over the place. All four of them are gonna give me a run for my $$ ;)

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Dan and Margo said...

Let the fun begin! :)

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