Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our secret little helper

I had to share this sweet story with you folks. It's about our son, Jared.

The other day Paul and I were feeding the girls at the feeding table. Paul and Jared pointed out that the wet towel we had on the table was the last clean one (clarification...we use small little white hand towels when we feed the girls for clean-up, during and when they are all done). I said "oh no. there are more that i just washed. they are just in the dryer, waiting to be taken out, folded and put away." Paul said "oh, okay." Jared didn't say anything. So Paul and I proceeded to feed the girls while Jared played. A few minutes later Paul noticed Jared was nowhere to be seen. Hm... You know that usually means he's up to something. Hm... So Paul said "i've gotta go find jared and see what he is up to." I said "okay." Well, Paul comes back with Jared and tells me "guess what? someone took out the clean towels, folded them and put them away on the counter for us. wasn't that nice of a certain person to do that?!" I asked "who would this be?" knowing it was Jared. I asked "Anna?" No. "Suzan?" No. "Brielle?" No. "Bethany?" No. "Bear?" (our cat - ha! ;) ) No. "Hm...Jared?" He said "yes mama. it was me." Wow! I was stunned. I didn't even ask Jared to do that. He did it all on his own. He was our secret little helper. Oh, and he told me "well, you and Dad were busy feeding the babies and i thought i could help you guys out by putting the towels away." Oh man! Just be a sweetheart and pull at my heartstrings!!

He is such a sweetheart. Definitely a problem solver and helper. I pray that he continues to be like this and that we can find ways to encourage his giftedness. Just imagine what kind things this boy can accomplish and impact with his servant's heart!!

Thought I'd share this with you :D

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Jennifer L said...

Some wife and momma is gonna thank you some day!!! Good goin raising such a sweetie.

Suzanne said...

awwwwww...what a sweet, sweet little boy!!! what a help with those four baby girls! LOVED this story!

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

And of course, he's old enough to help with simple chores like that on a regular basis! It might make him feel more involved if he did have some baby related chores! Of course, I'm sure he helps out plenty already.

Kristen said...

Ahh, this is sweet. I must apologize to you. At church I said you needed to update, but I realized my computer wasn't updating any blogs, so here I thought everyone was just slow to update...sorry, I've read all your posts and am back on track with your cute family!

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