Sunday, January 11, 2009

One year ago - A busy January 2008

Last January (2008) brings back lots of memories for me. First, let's start with our scare with Anna and Bethany.

It was about this time last January that we were told there was something wrong with one of our identical girls. Oh no! Not what you want to hear! Apparently, one of them (we don't know who, to this date) developed what is called Hydrops. It was a build up of fluid in the abdominal cavity of the baby and could be life threatening to her by causing pressure on her chest, resulting in heart failure. Again, NOT what we wanted to hear. Our doctors ran several blood tests on me, checking to see if it was a reaction to an infectious viral disease. No. They checked to see if it was twin-to-twin transfusion related. All signs said "no." For some strange reason, our little baby girl had developed this with no reason as to why. I distinctly remember the ultrasound doctor telling us, with a firm and serious look on his face, "well, if there was ever a time to pray, then this is it." Uff! Needless to say we prayed...and prayed...and told all of our family and friends to pray...and prayed some more...and kept on praying!! Well God, in His ultimate wisdom, power, love and faithfulness for us, took those Hydrops away (about 2 weeks later) from either Anna or Bethany and healed her completely. Praise to Him Almighty!! Now a year later, we thank the VERY GOOD Lord for His blessing and healing on her. We are SO VERY, VERY thankful that we have Anna and Bethany, safe, sound and healthy as two horses can be ;) !!

What also occurred last January were two "fun" (yeah, that's a very loose term here ;) ) trips to Good Sam's OB Triage. Thanks to the stomach flu and round ligaments my already stretched and fatigued uterus got more fatigued and irritated ;) Ah, just thinking about those two trips to Triage brings back memories...
  • The first trip, about this time last January, was early one morning at 3:30AM. Uff! It was no fun battling a painful tummy bug and dragging Paul and Jared to the hospital that early morning. Thank goodness all exams showed the girls were perfectly happy in their dark, watery cocoons and had no knowledge that Mama and her uterus were uncomfortable. I got my first taste of Terb that early morning. Blech! :P Thanks to God I didn't get admitted but just had to let my tummy and uterus settle down a bit.
  • My second OB Triage trip was about mid-January and later in the day, at around 11:00AM. I also remember Paul's brother and his wife were in town visiting us. Thanks to them, Jared had a fun trip to the Phoenix Zoo (and also helped us tons as it was just Paul and me at OB Triage). As it turns out, it was only some round ligament pain or maybe a baby laying on a nerve. Crazy. Everything looked good and I didn't have to take any meds/shots. Woo hoo! Thanks again to God, I could go home!
The rest of my January 2008 was spent preparing (as best as I could ;) ) for the arrival of four precious girls. It still amazes me how much a year can change you! Ah, I don't think my mind will forget last January. Lots happened then...and then LOTS, LOTS more came in February and March ;)

We thank you, Lord, for giving us so much a year ago and for allowing us to endure and persevere through that month!
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Suzanne said...

ugh! the things we go through...i'm SOOO glad the girl/s were ok. i truly believe the power of prayer can move mountains. what a testimony! isn't it amazing to finally be on the other side of all of that scary stuff? the not knowing?...God is so gracious.

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