Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life with Quads, The 1st Year - "What I've realized in having quads"

With the girls turning a year old in the next 5 weeks has prompted me to think about what life has been like with them, with having quads in our home and lives. So, I'll be posting some of my thoughts on "life with quads, the 1st year."

Some things I've realized in having quadruplets.

  • To Each Her Own: First I thought all of the girls would be the same. I guess thinking they all were conceived, carried and born the same, they should be the same. They are each different and unique. They all have their own personalities. They all have their own looks (even the identicals :) ). They are not a collective. It's like I would've had four different and unique singleton pregnancies. It's just in this case all of our babies share the same birth date.
  • Quads = playmates: Most recently, at around 10 months old, I've seen the girls begin to interact with each other. It's very cute! They are beginning to engage in parallel play. Here is what BabyCenter says about babies playing at this age, 10.75months old.

    Your baby may now assert herself among her siblings and begin to engage in parallel play — contentedly playing alongside (but not with) another baby. Informal baby playdates can be a great way to encourage your little one to develop social skills. Just remember that babies this age are still too young to understand the idea of making friends.Think of these playdates as helping your baby build a foundation for learning how to interact with others. And she may get new play ideas from these first buddies. A bonus: You'll have some help and support from the other babies' parents.

    You know what's funny? They already have built-in playmates with each other! I've seen them steal toys from each other and also laugh and giggle with each other. They love to crawl down the hallway to each other's rooms and visit together. It's very cool that they have each other to play with!

    • Monkey see, Monkey do: I didn't fully experience this until seeing our girls, just this week, copy each other. One will pound her hands on the feeding table and the other girls will join in. One will squeal (usually Anna or Bethany) and the others will follow suit. One will make noise with her hand against her mouth (again, usually Anna or Bethany) and the others will copy. It's hilarious!

    • Heart big enough for 5: I didn't realize how much I would love 4 more kids. I knew I would love these girls with all of my heart but I just didn't realize HOW MUCH. It's awesome! It reminds me of the book we picked up, You're All My Favorites. I can look at each child of ours, each girl and boy, and see how uniquely God made them and why I love her or him. I love each of them for different reasons, such as Jared for his smartness and humor, Suzan for her determination, Anna for her tender heart, Bethany for her giggles and humor, Brielle for her smiley attitude...and so much, much more. I gaze upon each sweet face and love them so deeply!

    • They've come a long way, baby!: For those first few weeks then months I thought "man, they are so little (compared to Jared, who was 10lbs at birth). how are these girls ever going to get big?" Ha! Well, with time they did. I thought "it will take forever for these girls to smile, then roll, then sit up, then eat at the table, then crawl, then pull up, then ..." Even with them being preemies they showed us that "yes, we can grow Mama!" Now, they are almost a year old and doing so much. They have come a long way!

    • Life as we know it??: Ah, those first few months were tiring. It was a constant schedule of "change, feed, burp, sleep, maria pump...lather, rinse and repeat again every 3 hours." ;) Would we we ever get sleep again? Would we get out of the house again? Would we have date nights again? Would we get to relax together, as a couple, in front of the TV at night again? Basically, was this life as we now know it? Well, again with time, the girls have gotten bigger, are doing more things themselves and on the way to independence. We've been able to flex and stretch the schedule and get some "us/me" time back. We've been able to get out more and "have a life" outside of our home. No, life won't be the same as before the girls were born BUT it's a new and exciting life. One that will keep us on our toes. One that will be full of new adventures. One that will be busy...but full of joy. That sounds like fun to me!

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    Sara said...

    Hi! I am a new reader to your blog and just adore your kids! I was wondering if each of your children have their own rooms, well I would guess Jared does, but what about the girls?

    Moni Graf said...

    Wonderfully stated! They really ARE so unique and different and utterly awesome.

    Thanks for your thoughts!


    Kami Lambe said...

    Thanks Maria for giving me some insight on what to expect in the first year! I can't wait!

    Jaycee said...

    Aw, I miss these days! Quad mom here too! Although we lost one at four months. But I can live vicariously through you & all these other quad mommies on blogspot! Your blessed and your family is truly gorgeous. I'm new to this blogging stuff. Feel free to check out my blog and see a bit of what the twos are like.

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