Friday, January 30, 2009

It's twins!

Okay, NOT twins for me. Ha! That would be, um, crazy :P No, it's twins for friends of ours, Alex and Terri. This past week I was able to visit with Terri and her 2.5 week old twins, Kendall and Afton. They were too beautiful! For those that don't know Terri, she gave birth to identical twin girls on 1/11 at a little over 31 weeks. They are spending the next few weeks in the NICU eating, growing and thriving. I took a few snapshots of the babes with proud Mama.

Terri with AftonAfton (at 3lbs 7oz, about the size of Brielle at birth).Kendall (at 4lbs 11oz, or the size of Bethany at birth)Feeding time for KendallKendall with MamaI will tell you that being with Terri's babies made me a bit nostalgic for our NICU time with our girls...the drives to NICU, the feedings, the diaper changes and temperature checks, the monitors beeping. Not that I really want to be back there but it just reminds me of how much and how fast our girls have changed and grown. Going from 3 and 4lb'ers to some hefty 17, 18, 21 and 22lb wiggly girls. Ahhhh!

We are SO thrilled and SO happy that Alex and Terri have these two precious girls. We praise God for his provision and faithfulness on Alex and Terri! And we pray for an uneventful NICU stay for the girls and for the fun times ahead with Dad and Mama!
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Anonymous said...

OK, you just TOTALLY freaked me out with that title!! Seriously!!
Can i just tell you how jealous i am of yoru girls hair :( my kids hardly have ANY!
I love Brielles the most, so CUTE!!

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