Monday, January 12, 2009

Awe man! We're in for trouble ;)

Okay, another little baby girl in our home is pulling up to her knees. She started this last week, first on a toy, then in her crib and now some more on toys and her crib. Who is it?

Brielle - "wait mama! don't tell me! let me guess..."
Yes, that's right. It's Brielle. Oh that stinker! First she starts crawling and is now crawling all over the house. Now she thinks it's totally time to pull up on things everywhere. What a smartie pants! Oh, she's also pulling up in her crib during nap time, can't get back down and cries until we come in to "rescue" her. Crazy little girlie ;)

Here are some more pictures of the girlies from this evening. Can I just say that they are the most adorable and fun little girls ever? Yeah, I might be biased but really...they are :) !!

This is what Mama experienced this evening, while cleaning up from dinner. Three of them congregated to one side of the play room gate, the side closet to the kitchen, and just played there, looking at Mama - "mama! we want you!!"Brielle was off playing by herselfAnna, Bethany and Suzan - "hey mama, you heard us calling for you! we just wanted to say 'hi!' " :P *Note, look at Suzan. She just looks like trouble ;) !Brielle playing with a Tiny Love Musical Stack and Play Elephant (from Jared's baby days)What is this look for Bethany? Is it a new smile?Anna looking too cute!And Suzan's cute look too :) - "i'm really innocent mama...really!"Bethany, Suzan and Brielle playing at the LeapFrog table. Anna was off playing by herself this time. FYI, I put Bethany and Suzan into the standing positions BUT Brielle pulled up to her knees on her own! Crazy girl!"okay mama. you can get ONE picture of us playing here...then that is it!"Yup, I think we're in for trouble with these cute, precious, mischievous, yet adorable girlies ;)

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The Kaylor Kastle said...

Their little personalities are really starting to shine through. I love Suzan's expressions. I remember feeling like our house was Romper Room, but now it's your turn!!

Jennifer L said...

Total trouble - best of luck!!!

Cochran Quads said...

You're going to have walkers before you know it!! Those little faces will melt anyone's heart!! They are all precious!!

perez quads said...

I totally understand about being in trouble. Casen and now Cooper are pulling up. Cooper is just up to his knees, but Casen all the way to his feet. My husband and I looked at each other just the other day and said "now what, they can move"? Then we just laughed. YOur girls are getting so big, and such cuties.
GBBB quads

King Quads said...

They are so adorable...I love the little outfits you always have them in.

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