Sunday, January 04, 2009

10 months old!

Ooooo, we're creeping closer and closer to the one year mark. Ack! Today our girls turn 10 months old. They continue to do well and each be as healthy as a horse. Praise God!

Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle at 10 months oldRecently developments have been:
  • Anna crawling. Her secondary mode of transportation is rolling around.
  • Bethany "crawling," if you want to call it that ;) She rolls around a bit too.
  • Brielle crawling, the "real, genuine" crawl. She just started crawling last Monday. Go Brielle!
    **FYI...Suzan has been crawling for a while now. It's a commando or army crawl. She's a quick little crawler, e.g. out the purple nursery and down the hall!
  • Just today Brielle pulled up to her knees to play with an upright toy. No one else has done this yet. Yay Brielle!
  • Suzan has her 3rd and 4th teeth coming in.
  • Anna is working on her 5th tooth.
  • Bethany getting either her 4th or 5th tooth.
  • Brielle has 3 teeth and is possibly getting her 4th.
  • All are learning to hold their bottles at feeding time.
  • All are proficient at picking up finger foods. We are trying to be creative with meals by giving them more finger foods, e.g. small pieces of waffles, cooked veggies, fruits, tortillas, bread, cheeses. They also enjoy eating yogurt.
  • They are interacting more and more with each other, e.g. reaching out at and holding each other's hand, looking at and babbling with each other, patting each other. It's very cute and sweet!!

    We are still in RSV lockdown and the girls are still receiving their monthly Synagis (immune-booster) shots. So far so good! Nothing big other than a little runny nose that occurred around Thanksgiving. They have all been healthy, praise be to God!

    Here are their 10 month weights (thanks to the Synagis shots ;) ):
    Suzan - 17lbs 1oz
    Anna - 21lbs 3oz
    Bethany - 21lbs 12oz
    Brielle - 17lbs 13oz

    I look back at the girls, either in pictures, posts or videos, and can't believe how much they have changed! I know everyone says this about their baby(ies). I say the same thing about Jared, still my little baby boy :) I guess it feels very real that time is flying by when I see how far our little preemie girls have come.

    We continue to thank God for the girls and how well He is taking care of them!
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    Tubre Quads said...

    You are a posting machine! I had every intention of commenting on your last post, but you snuck this one in on me too quickly :)

    First and foremost, those girls are absolutely gorgeous! How do you get them to sit there and look so cute? I haven't gotten a decent group shot in MONTHS!

    On the past post...thanks so much for meeting with Kami and Nick - aren't they just the best?! The bond us quad mommas have is just phenominal and I am blessed to have come to know you and your family through this blog world. Keep on keeping on sister and let me know if you need anything.

    Love ya,

    Kami Lambe said...

    Happy 10 months Suzan, Anna, Bethany & Brielle!

    Anonymous said...

    GIRL WE HAVE THE SAME TASTE! I bought all four of those outfits for cameron and reid, SERIOUSLY!!! I only bought four things from carters for christmas and those were then. AWESOME!!
    Can you believe its been 10 months!! What a crazy ride, right?

    Marilee said...

    Congratulations! The girls are growing so fast. Your dedication is truly inspirational.

    Misty said...

    Happy 10months! Your girls are soooo cute! I swear I really do have a HUGE box of clothes to go your way!

    And Jac is right, you are a posting machine!

    Fulton Quads said...

    They are BEAUTIFUL! Those moments of them posing for a picture will not last long. So take as many as you can! LOL! I remember when ours were about to turn 1. Gosh how time flys by! Ours will be 2 in less than 2 weeks. YIKES!
    Love, Cathy

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