Friday, January 30, 2009

It's twins!

Okay, NOT twins for me. Ha! That would be, um, crazy :P No, it's twins for friends of ours, Alex and Terri. This past week I was able to visit with Terri and her 2.5 week old twins, Kendall and Afton. They were too beautiful! For those that don't know Terri, she gave birth to identical twin girls on 1/11 at a little over 31 weeks. They are spending the next few weeks in the NICU eating, growing and thriving. I took a few snapshots of the babes with proud Mama.

Terri with AftonAfton (at 3lbs 7oz, about the size of Brielle at birth).Kendall (at 4lbs 11oz, or the size of Bethany at birth)Feeding time for KendallKendall with MamaI will tell you that being with Terri's babies made me a bit nostalgic for our NICU time with our girls...the drives to NICU, the feedings, the diaper changes and temperature checks, the monitors beeping. Not that I really want to be back there but it just reminds me of how much and how fast our girls have changed and grown. Going from 3 and 4lb'ers to some hefty 17, 18, 21 and 22lb wiggly girls. Ahhhh!

We are SO thrilled and SO happy that Alex and Terri have these two precious girls. We praise God for his provision and faithfulness on Alex and Terri! And we pray for an uneventful NICU stay for the girls and for the fun times ahead with Dad and Mama!
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Go Bethany, Go!!

As I mentioned earlier, the girls are pulling up a lot now. To their knees. To their feet. Brielle, Suzan and now Bethany. Well, tonight I captured Bethany pulled up at the play table happily playing away. She was very proud of herself :)

Bethany - "yes mama, i now know how to do this!"Bethany happily playing away.Lots of new development happening in our home lately :D
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If your name is Suzan, would you please stand up!

Okay, so first Suzan pulls up to her knees then Brielle pulls up to her knees. Now, Suzan has pulled all the way up to her FEET. Whoa girl! The girls were happily playing in the play room last evening. I walked by the room, glanced over to see what they were doing and saw Suzan standing at the play table. Needless to say, I was surprised by the little stink pot ;) It was too funny!

Suzan - "hi mama!"

"what? is there something wrong here? oh! you've noticed! yes, i CAN pull up and stand now"And Brielle is still proficient at crawling around and pulling up to knees on E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-GBethany, too, just started pulling to up her knees this week. Anna? She's content crawling and rolling around.

Oh...and to answer Sara's question on how/where our kids room. Yes, Jared has his own bedroom but the girls do share rooms. Suzan and Brielle are in one room (the purple nursery) and Anna and Bethany are in the bedroom next door (the pink nursery). Initially we had all four girls in the purple nursery but it got a little WWE in there so we put two in one room and two in another. Now, they each have their own crib with no sisters rolling on top of or kicking their heads ;)

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life with Quads, The 1st Year - "What I've realized in having quads"

With the girls turning a year old in the next 5 weeks has prompted me to think about what life has been like with them, with having quads in our home and lives. So, I'll be posting some of my thoughts on "life with quads, the 1st year."

Some things I've realized in having quadruplets.

  • To Each Her Own: First I thought all of the girls would be the same. I guess thinking they all were conceived, carried and born the same, they should be the same. They are each different and unique. They all have their own personalities. They all have their own looks (even the identicals :) ). They are not a collective. It's like I would've had four different and unique singleton pregnancies. It's just in this case all of our babies share the same birth date.
  • Quads = playmates: Most recently, at around 10 months old, I've seen the girls begin to interact with each other. It's very cute! They are beginning to engage in parallel play. Here is what BabyCenter says about babies playing at this age, 10.75months old.

    Your baby may now assert herself among her siblings and begin to engage in parallel play — contentedly playing alongside (but not with) another baby. Informal baby playdates can be a great way to encourage your little one to develop social skills. Just remember that babies this age are still too young to understand the idea of making friends.Think of these playdates as helping your baby build a foundation for learning how to interact with others. And she may get new play ideas from these first buddies. A bonus: You'll have some help and support from the other babies' parents.

    You know what's funny? They already have built-in playmates with each other! I've seen them steal toys from each other and also laugh and giggle with each other. They love to crawl down the hallway to each other's rooms and visit together. It's very cool that they have each other to play with!

    • Monkey see, Monkey do: I didn't fully experience this until seeing our girls, just this week, copy each other. One will pound her hands on the feeding table and the other girls will join in. One will squeal (usually Anna or Bethany) and the others will follow suit. One will make noise with her hand against her mouth (again, usually Anna or Bethany) and the others will copy. It's hilarious!

    • Heart big enough for 5: I didn't realize how much I would love 4 more kids. I knew I would love these girls with all of my heart but I just didn't realize HOW MUCH. It's awesome! It reminds me of the book we picked up, You're All My Favorites. I can look at each child of ours, each girl and boy, and see how uniquely God made them and why I love her or him. I love each of them for different reasons, such as Jared for his smartness and humor, Suzan for her determination, Anna for her tender heart, Bethany for her giggles and humor, Brielle for her smiley attitude...and so much, much more. I gaze upon each sweet face and love them so deeply!

    • They've come a long way, baby!: For those first few weeks then months I thought "man, they are so little (compared to Jared, who was 10lbs at birth). how are these girls ever going to get big?" Ha! Well, with time they did. I thought "it will take forever for these girls to smile, then roll, then sit up, then eat at the table, then crawl, then pull up, then ..." Even with them being preemies they showed us that "yes, we can grow Mama!" Now, they are almost a year old and doing so much. They have come a long way!

    • Life as we know it??: Ah, those first few months were tiring. It was a constant schedule of "change, feed, burp, sleep, maria pump...lather, rinse and repeat again every 3 hours." ;) Would we we ever get sleep again? Would we get out of the house again? Would we have date nights again? Would we get to relax together, as a couple, in front of the TV at night again? Basically, was this life as we now know it? Well, again with time, the girls have gotten bigger, are doing more things themselves and on the way to independence. We've been able to flex and stretch the schedule and get some "us/me" time back. We've been able to get out more and "have a life" outside of our home. No, life won't be the same as before the girls were born BUT it's a new and exciting life. One that will keep us on our toes. One that will be full of new adventures. One that will be busy...but full of joy. That sounds like fun to me!

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    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Upside Down

    I first saw this video at Christmas Eve service. I thought it was very cool! I was just thinking about the video the other day when I found it at YouTube. So, I thought I would share it with you.

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    Saturday, January 24, 2009


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    Picture tag

    Okay, so I am a bit behind in the blog tag but I thought this one was pretty fun. I think Sandra and Suz did this a month or two ago. Well, it's my turn. Here it goes :P

    The object of the picture tag is to:
    1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer
    2) Select the 4th picture in the folder
    3) Explain the picture
    4) Tag 4 people to do the same
    NO CHEATING! (cropping, editing, etc!)

    This picture comes from our 7th anniversary picture folder. We decided to spend our 7th anniversary in Sedona that year. It was beautiful and fun! Yes, Jared went with us, which was totally okay. This is him (at 2, almost 3, years old) sitting at the table coloring, I believe. How different he looks there! Such a little guy ;)

    Ah, the days of going on vacation! I miss those ;) Maybe after the girls turn a year old will we be brave and adventuresome to do that. Let's hope so!

    I'm taggin' everyone who reads this :P

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    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    Would you like to swing on a star

    The other day my mom came over to visit me and the kids at lunch time. It was also the day that I decided to get our carpets cleaned. Well, usually after meal time we let the girls play in the play room but not this day, as the carpet was mighty wet. So my mom suggested taking the girls out in the Runabout and Jared on his bike for a stroll. That's just what we did. We also decided to stop by our neighborhood park and let Jared expend some energy ;) It was there that I thought "hey, let's let the girls swing a bit." They enjoyed it! Anna and Bethany thought it was a blast, giggling and squealing. Brielle warmed up to it and smiled near the end. Suzan, on the other hand, was a bit timid on the swings. Don't know why. She just held on to the bucket seats and let Mama, Grammy and Big Brother push her and her sisters, flashing a smile every now and then.

    Here are some pics of the girls swinging. Sorry, they aren't the best pictures. They came from my cell phone camera. We had the girls swinging back to back with each other. Their first time swinging in big swings AND outside :)

    SuzanAnnaBethanyBrielleHope we get to enjoy our wonderful 70- or 80-degree weather here for a little while longer. It will start to warm up come April or May :P

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    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Our secret little helper

    I had to share this sweet story with you folks. It's about our son, Jared.

    The other day Paul and I were feeding the girls at the feeding table. Paul and Jared pointed out that the wet towel we had on the table was the last clean one (clarification...we use small little white hand towels when we feed the girls for clean-up, during and when they are all done). I said "oh no. there are more that i just washed. they are just in the dryer, waiting to be taken out, folded and put away." Paul said "oh, okay." Jared didn't say anything. So Paul and I proceeded to feed the girls while Jared played. A few minutes later Paul noticed Jared was nowhere to be seen. Hm... You know that usually means he's up to something. Hm... So Paul said "i've gotta go find jared and see what he is up to." I said "okay." Well, Paul comes back with Jared and tells me "guess what? someone took out the clean towels, folded them and put them away on the counter for us. wasn't that nice of a certain person to do that?!" I asked "who would this be?" knowing it was Jared. I asked "Anna?" No. "Suzan?" No. "Brielle?" No. "Bethany?" No. "Bear?" (our cat - ha! ;) ) No. "Hm...Jared?" He said "yes mama. it was me." Wow! I was stunned. I didn't even ask Jared to do that. He did it all on his own. He was our secret little helper. Oh, and he told me "well, you and Dad were busy feeding the babies and i thought i could help you guys out by putting the towels away." Oh man! Just be a sweetheart and pull at my heartstrings!!

    He is such a sweetheart. Definitely a problem solver and helper. I pray that he continues to be like this and that we can find ways to encourage his giftedness. Just imagine what kind things this boy can accomplish and impact with his servant's heart!!

    Thought I'd share this with you :D

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    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    Super Bowl XLIII, here we come!!

    It was a battle of the birds...the Cardinals versus the Eagles. It was a nail-biter. Uff! But AZ won! Can you believe it? I know I can't. Still can't ;) Our Arizona Cardinals just won the NFC Championship and are going to the Super Bowl. Woo Hoo! 'Cmon all you AZ folks, let's cheer for our Cards! They made it to the Super Bowl!! Go Big Red!

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    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    Table manners

    So, our girls have been eating "table or finger" foods for a while now. I'm trying to introduce them to a wide range of foods, within reason ;) Here is what I've given them so far. Any suggestions from other moms out there would be appreciated.

    for breakfast
  • waffles
  • yogurt
  • fruits (applesauce, peaches, pears, pineapple, bananas)
  • pancakes
  • toast/bread
  • Quaker oatmeal
  • scrambled egg yolks

  • for lunch
  • veggies (carrots, peas, lima beans, green beans)
  • quesadillas
  • cheese and crackers
  • avocado

  • for dinner
  • beans (green, black, pinto, kidney)
  • cooked pasta (ditalini, gemelli)
  • potatoes (white, sweet)

    Lately, the girls LOVE their breakfast of bananas (fruit), yogurt and waffles. Suzan especially likes it. I think she is a carb fanatic like me :) I can tell that she enjoys her table food more than her bottle. Bethany and Brielle continue to be the chow hounds, eating up whatever we serve them. Suzan and Anna are a bit more particular to the fare.

    The girls also have been holding their bottles for the last few weeks. Hallelujah! :) Suzan, Anna and Bethany hold them like pros whereas Brielle still needs some help from us. Here are some pictures of the girls eating this morning (fyi, it was dress day today, hence them all wearing dresses :D )

    Suzan, holding her bottle - "mama, can i eat in peace please?"Anna - "hi mama!"Bethany - "glub, glub, glub"Brielle - "mmmm! mm!"Close-ups of the girls - SuzanAnna (smiling)Bethany (smiling also...and drinking at the same time? hm...)BrielleSuzan - "waffles for breakfast? yay!!"Anna - "oooo! this one looks especially tasty!"Bethany - "i could eat waffles all day!"Brielle"oh thank you mama! it was a lovely breakfast meal!"Man, oh man! Our girls are just getting bigger and bigger! Soon they will be drinking from sippy cups (let's pray so!!) and eating like big girls at the table. I can't believe it!!

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  • Thursday, January 15, 2009

    7 weeks to go!

    Okay, it just dawned on me that we have 7, seven!, weeks to go until the girls turn a year old. Ack!! I thought it was just Christmas, I mean Thanksgiving, I mean Halloween, I mean summertime last week?? Where has the time gone?

    In any case, this means we have 7 weeks to figure out what to do for the girls' 1st birthday. Unfortunately with it being RSV/cold/flu/icky-germy season we are not going to invite a ton of people over for the big bash. Just a few close friends and family over for some cake and ice cream. Gotta get the girls to enjoy some birthday cake ;) ! This leaves me thinking "what to do?" as far as making up invites, party decorations, making cakes (I'm thinking individual cakes in each girl's color). Plus, at a year we're going to see if we can get the girls off of bottles and drinking from sippy cups (Hallelujah!!...if that happens ;) ) and changing their schedule a bit. Wow, a lot is going to happen here in 7 weeks. SEVEN!

    And for those that can't read our blog without pictures, here you go. BUT...they are pictures of Jared at the girls' age. Call me a sentimental sap but I even enjoy looking back at our big guy when he was so little :)

    Jared at 10 months oldJared crawling around so much we had to corral him off - ha!Jared playing with the Leap Frog activity tableJared pulling up and standing in his crib...and being a silly boy ;)Ah, what a sweet little boy. Now, he's such a big boy...sniff, sniff ;)

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