Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Three Wise Men

We purchased the Fisher Price Little People Nativity set a while ago (maybe even before Jared was born??). For the last two or three years Jared has enjoyed playing with the set...talking about Baby Jesus, listening to "Away in a Manger," hiding the figures around the house. Well, I loved what he said about the Three Wise Men the other night. Here's our coversation...

Jared - "Mama, these are the Three Wise Men."
Mama - "Yup, that's right."
Jared - "Do you know what they brought Baby Jesus?"
Mama - "Hm...I'm not sure. Do you know?"
Jared - "Yes. This one (pointing to the first man) brought cereal for Baby Jesus...this one (pointing to the second man) brought milk for Baby Jesus...and this one (the last and third man) brought money."
Mama - "Ha! Well, I'm sure Baby Jesus needed all of that stuff."

Oh, how funny, and smart mind you (what else would a baby need, anyways?), a 4-year-old is!!

**fyi, did you know our nativity (and probably yours and all others) might be incorrect? Did you know that there probably weren't Three Wise Men there to see Jesus? The Bible doesn't say there were three men but only that they brought three gifts (gifts for a King, mind you). So we deduced that there were three men. Also, did you know that the Three Wise Men weren't there immediately after Jesus' birth? In fact, they probably came months (or even years) after Jesus was born, as the Bible says the Magi came to the house (not the manger - and Joseph, Mary and Jesus were probably already back in Nazareth and not Bethlehem). I remember our Pastor, Richard G, talking about the Wise Men and the traditional nativity scene. I had never thought of this. You can read more about the Three Wise Men here.
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Anonymous said...

What a Cute Story! :)
Do your kids will go see Santa?
It will be fun to see the girls on Santa's lap!
Hope you'll take pictures of that;)

The Murray Crew said...

I've been searching for the FP nativity set. In fact I just googled it today hoping to find a steal. =) Loved this post and the sweetness of teaching Jesus to our children.

Jen and the Crew

PS Got your delightful Christmas card in the mail yesterday! ADORABLENESS!


Yeah, my dad has a cool little quiz of the story of Christmas and how there's many things in it that we don't really know that stories say such as "3 wise men"
I found it very interesting and how true it was. We did it one year when at his house on Christmas Eve.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered the expanded nativity set on Fisher Price's website and it is in the mail. I used Grandma Carlson's money and I convinced Grandpa Carlson to sign up for their newsletter and get me free shipping. Thanks! I'll have to ask Kezia what gifts they brought. She'll probably say something like "pupcakes" (cupcakes).

Loved the Christmas card! I hope to get out and get a picture too. We will see.


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