Friday, December 19, 2008

Our kids' ornaments

We started it with Jared, getting him his "1st Christmas" ornament. So with the girls we had to get them their own "1st Christmas" ornaments. They will be able to enjoy looking back at these in a few years and especially when they get to be adults. (oh my, they're gonna be adults?? ack! hope they don't grow up so fast on us!! ;) )

Paul's sister, Mary, gave us this ornament when I was pregnant with Jared in 2003. I had grandiose ideas of making four of these, with little pink bows, for each of the girls last Christmas, when I was pregnant with them, tagged "Baby A, B, C and D." Alas, I did not. Something about my BIG belly getting in the way of things ;)Jared Paul's 1st Christmas ornament. He looked such like a big kid then! (but only 9mo, mind you). The other side of his ornament has another picture of him and is personalized with his name.Suzan Faith's ornamentAnna Joy's ornamentBethany Hope's ornamentAnd Brielle Grace's ornamentWe do have some ornaments of Paul and I together, one of us when we were dating and another of us on our wedding day. I am trying to get this year's most recent picture put into a frame ornament. I think photo framed ornaments are the best!

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Andria said...

Love the ornaments (and the pictures in them!). I really like the 2008 charm on them. Very cute! Guess I need to do that for my singleton, since this IS his first Christmas too!

Dave and Tricia Folsom Family Fun said...

I love your beautiful ornaments of each of the kids! What a good idea. I might have to try to find those photo ornaments!
I hope you all have a great holiday season!

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