Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Minot weather making the news in Arizona

Yes, just tonight our local news station had to mention the cold and frigid weather in Minot. Ha! I thought this was funny...Minot weather making news in Arizona ;) I'm sure Paul does NOT miss it! The weatherman said it was 22 below yesterday. Brrrrr! (FYI...our weatherman is from MN and went to UND. I met and was cared for by his wife, an OB nurse, who worked on the 5th floor of antepartum at Good Sam while I was hospitalized there before the girls were born. What a small world!)

So for the friends and family in Minot (or close by), you made our weather news this evening :)

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Anonymous said...

The 22 below was just a start.We had wind chill down to 52 below.It was fun driving a Very Cold school bus!!!!


acutescrubnurse said...

Hello there....I am commenting from the Frozen Dakotas!! I just saw your blog headline on another blog about Minot making the AZ news.....I am from Minot. (actually 22 miles east of Minot) I so would love to be in AZ right now. My sons father lives in AZ and he has ocassionally made the comment that hes going to go live there during the winter, (he's 16). I'm thinking we both should.
You will have to check out my blog, I have plenty of snow pics on there.
Merry Christmas,

The Kaylor Kastle said...

My parents are back there right now in the thick of it in Nebraska. Better them than me!! They can have the snow and the rain here lately has been such a nice change of scenery!

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