Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kids swinging and driving

Up until now, the girls have been playing in our family room. Well, for the last week or so we've been prying babies off the Christmas tree and there have been several times that they've either rolled or crawled over to the Christmas lights and garland and pulled out the cords or pulled down the lights. Uff! Crazy little busy girls ;) So since they are all over the place, we've decided to move their play time to the corralled off play room. Thank goodness we have the space and ability to do this with them! Amen! So far they like playing in there (except for Suzan, whom it took a while dealing with the change - ha!).

In the playroom we have a little playground set for the kids to play on. So far Jared has been the only one playing on it...until today. I thought it would be fun for the girls to try out the swing.

Suzan - "yeah, this is fun mama!"Anna - "wheeeeeeeee!"Bethany - "oh yeah! this is da bomb!"Brielle - "i'm having fun mama! oh, and check out my toe!"Notice that Jared was behind them, giving them a boost. What a sweet brother :)

Speaking of brother, our neighborhood had a little Christmas party at our neighborhood park last weekend. Jared and I went over for some bouncer fun and some snacks of cookies. While there they had the local fire department stop by...with a fire truck! Jared and I had to take a look at it :)

Jared in the truckJared getting some one-on-one time with one of the fire fightersJared at the wheel...Watch Out!Some fun times with some fun-loving kids :)

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