Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It was great in 2008! And it will be divine in 2009!!

2008 was a year of MUCH change, as you can imagine! Looking back at 2008 I am amazed at what God has carried us through. He did SO much for us in 2008...with my high-order multiple pregnancy, with our family expanding to a family of 7 (i still write that number, 7, in disbelief), with us helping Jared transition to have four siblings at once and with raising a son and quadruplets. God is, and has been, good to us!

It was great in 2008. 2009 will bring lots more for us...the girls turning one (wow! that's just crazy!!) and Jared turning five and heading off to kindergarten (what?! that can't be!!). I'm sure that there will be some surprises for us in 2009 but I know God will be there to guide and help us along the way. It will be divine in 2009 ;)

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Becky said...

Happy New Year!

Holly Janeen said...

amen!! :)
i like your rhyme and i think God makes every year the best it can be... i am so glad you have him in your lives :)

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