Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cookie time!

We've baked Christmas cookies with Jared for the last few years. I remember last year (as I will always remember the year I was pregnant with the girls!) I couldn't make them with him (I was TOO big and uncomfortable!) so my mom came over and baked with the guy. This year it was back to him and me baking some cookies. Yay!

Jared cutting out the cookies. Don't mind the green cookie dough. It's supposed to be that way ;) I had to make some green cookies for his class and had some dough left over.Cookies all baked and now frosting and decorating the cookies with Mama. Paul likes to joke about my huge assortment of sprinkles and jimmies ;) FYI...I joked with Paul saying "okay, can you imagine me coordinating 5 kids for Christmas cookie time in a few years? Uff! That will be quite the undertaking ;)" Seriously, it will be fun!Jared eating the "fruits" of his labor ;)"Mmmmm! Mmm!"The cookies we baked, minus a few we had to "taste test" ;)Hope all of your baking and holiday traditions are as fun and festive!

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Tubre Quads said...

You're making my mouth water!


The Kaylor Kastle said...

Your kitchen looks so neat and tidy, but wait til you add 4 girls to that mix!! I'll have frosting and sprinkles everywhere and it will be quadruple the fun!

Anonymous said...

So fun for Jared! Its it great in many ways though to remember smells and things the senses remember and think of your pregnancy last year. I get so emotional about it. I am probably crazy, but i do :)

Clint, Brielle, and Molly J. said...

I know you totally don't even know me I stumbled on your blog by accident and saw that your littlest munchkin has my same name! It is not a common one so I was shocked and then drawn in to read all about her and your other children. How cute and what a blessing such happy healthy children. Well thought I would post a comment you have an adorable family! Happy Holidays

Lainey-Paney said...


you have quads & a house that clean? How is that even possible???

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