Monday, December 01, 2008

Brotherly (and sisterly) love

Jared was very cute and sweet this evening. He wanted to sit and hug a few of his sisters. Awe!

He sat down and hugged Anna.
Jared and Anna - "awe, look at me! i'm getting some love from my big brother!"And then he gave some hugs to Brielle.
Jared and Brielle - "yay! i get hugs too!"Then the girls decided to give some sisterly "love" to each other - Ha!
Suzan thought Brielle's foot looked yummy (fyi, no Brielles were harmed in the process)Bethany, Suzan and Brielle playing (fyi, Anna was in my lap, grabbing at my camera)First, Suzan attempts to steal a toy from Bethany. Bethany - "eh, not gonna happen big sis"Suzan stealing from Brielle. Suzan - "hm...let me see if i can just take this here..."Brielle not happy - "hey now suzan! waaaaa! mmaaaammaaa! waaaaa!"Brielle - "i'm taking it back suzan!" Suzan - "yeah right you are!" Bethany - "mama, i had nothing to do with this."Brielle all happy again (but notice the big red eyes ;) ) Suzan - "WHAT?! did i do something wrong?"What was hilarious later (while we were eating dinner and the girls continued playing) was Bethany then stole this toy from Brielle. Brielle cried. I asked Jared to go give Brielle another toy (fyi, Jared loves being a big brother and helping out - he's awesome!). Brielle was content. Bethany stole the replacement toy now. Brielle cried. I asked Jared, again, to go give a toy to Brielle. Brielle was back to being content.

Oh, how funny and cute these kids of ours are :P

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jag said...

They are so sweet! You can really see how much they care for each other! You've got a whole lot of lovin' goin' on over there!

Suzanne said...

awwwww....what a sweet, gentle big brother...he is such a cutie! LOVED the pics of the girls goin after the toys...too cute!

Moni Graf said...

I'm loving the lovin'! Those girls are going to LOVE and HATE having Jared as a big brother. Love the protection and hate the over-protection (especially when it comes to boyfriends)!

I can't believe it hailed in AZ. I remember what it was like when it rained....people became stupid and forgot how to drive! Hail must've REALLY thrown everyone for a loop. But it was a good experience for Jared!

You're little fuzz heads always make me smile. Thanks for the posts!


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