Tuesday, December 09, 2008

9 month stats

The girls did great, as usual, at their well-visit appointment. It's always fun seeing Dr. G because he knows what our quad life is like. He's a father to quads (10 years old) himself! Gotta love that...a pediatrician who can TOTALLY relate. Yay!

So, he said our girls look "wonderful" and in his eyes "are perfect and have no issues." Praise God! We love to hear that! The girls received three shots :( (1 immunization, 1 Synagis and 1 flu). They are all such troopers, just crying a bit. What sweet girls!

So here are their 9-month stats:
Suzan -
16lbs 10oz (20th %tile, 49th %tile adjusted)
27" long (27th %tile, 75th %tile adjusted)
18" head (90th %tile, above 97th %tile adjusted)

Anna -
20lbs 12oz (80th %tile, 97th %tile adjusted)
28.5" long (77th %tile, 97th %tile adjusted)
19" head (above 97th %tile, off the charts adjusted)

Bethany -
21lbs 2oz (85th %tile, above 97th %tile adjusted)
28.5" (77th %tile, 97th %tile adjusted)
19.25" head (above 100th %tile, off the charts adjusted)

Brielle -
17lbs 6oz (25th %tile, 51st %tile adjusted)
27.25" long (37th %tile, 75th %tile adjusted)
17.25" head (50th %tile, 75th %tile adjusted)

***FYI, here are Jared's 9-month stats (just to put it in perspective ;) ) Uff! The big girls are almost as big as Jared. What?!?!?!
23 lbs 4 oz (89th %tile)
30.5 inches long (97th %tile)
19" head circumference (off the charts)

Oh, and I had to throw in a 9-month picture of Jared too. He's just too cute! ;)
The girls just keep growing and growing and growing and growing and... I mean, Anna and Bethany? 20 and 21lbs?!?! Wow, girls! The little girls, Suzan and Brielle, aren't very little either. Just packing on the weight with some yummy breastmilk/formula and baby food, I guess!

Speaking of baby food, since three of the girls (Bethany, Anna and now, Suzan) are picking up foods with their fingers we can now start to give them "big people food"...pieces of soft fruits and veggies, little bits of cheese, pieces of waffles and pancakes (I think Dad is excited about that ;) ) and some baby yogurt (not exactly finger food but a new food to their diet). I don't know why but I always get excited about this kind of stuff. Call me crazy :P Dr. G also said we could start to give them sippy cups too, for training purposes. We'll see how that goes :P

On top of their growth, development and new foods all four girls (yes, ALL of them) are getting their 4 upper front teeth. Oh my!! They each have their two bottom toofers. If I remember correctly, Bethany has one upper tooth through and is working on her other three. Anna has two upper teeth through and the other two are just waiting to pop through. Suzan and Brielle have all of their upper teeth just waiting. All of this teething makes for lots of drooling, chewing and a little bit of crankiness. Praise God that all 5 of our kids have done well with teething! So, in the next few months the girls should each have six teeth. Uff! Lots of toofers for chomping ;)

As always, we give thanks and praise to God for his blessings and faithfulness on our family!
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Anonymous said...

Doing great, the finger food extravaganza is awesome!!! We did eggs this week! Tomorrow cheese.
Loved the christmas card
And seriously, i think jared is the cutest little boyu 9 month old i have ever seen, and he looks exactly the same, just a grown up version.
I knwo this is REALLY far in advance, we will talk more when it gets closer but we will be out in PHX in october. i am in a wedding. WE HAVE TO GET TOGETHER., We wont have the kids though :( Im not that crazy

Misty said...

I got you card today and it is great! Those are awesome weights! Bethany is as big as SKye! OMG!
Jared is adorable!

Cochran Quads said...

Precious, precious!!! I just posted pictures of my 4 year old when she was three months too so everyone could see the comparison to my three month old Quads!! Jared looks exactly the same, just more manly!!! You're doing an awesome job, double snaps on the breastfeeding part!! You are an amazing WOMAN!!!

Dan and Margo said...

Yay! I'm so glad that they continue to do well! The Christmas card was awesome, your kiddos are so cute! Hope you have a Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you before then!

The Kaylor Kastle said...

Your girls are going to pass up my 5 year old twins very soon. We just finally hit 30 pounds here! Way to go little ladies...there is nothing premie about you.

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