Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1st Christmas with quads

Well, we celebrated (and survived ;) ) our first Christmas with quads. Thanks to my mom (thank you again, Mom!!) we had some help with the girls and with preparing Christmas dinner. It was very nice to have family, my mom, with us for Christmas!

The girls enjoyed opening presents (aka, tasting wrapping paper :P ) and playing with their new toys. Big brother, Jared, also enjoyed opening presents and helping his sisters play with their new toys. We spent the day relaxing, doing our usual "baby" routine and celebrating Jesus' birth with Christmas dinner and birthday cake. I think Jared really enjoyed the cake :) !! Here are some pictures of our Christmas (more pics available at our family's website).

Thanks to Misty U (thank you again Misty!!) our girls had some very cute Christmas PJs. Jared's came from The Children's Place.

Okay now, who is who? Can't tell? Mom is happy that she is able to tell the difference between the two now. Yay! It's Anna (L) and Bethany (R) Christmas morn.Anna, Bethany and JaredThe girls, all ready to open presents. Suzan, Anna, Bethany and BrielleThe girls digging into presents from Grammy
Bethany - "Ooooo! what's in here?"Bethany - "yeah, i've got this under control"
Brielle - "okay, i'll just wait patiently"
Anna - "alright sis, you go ahead"
Suzan - "hm, i'm gonna check in here!"The girlies still having fun unwrapping presents (especially Bethany here :) )All five kids. Suzan, Anna, Bethany, Brielle and JaredAnna, Bethany and Brielle looking at their new toy keys from GrammySuzan and Anna sharing their new wiggly pig toy from GrammyJared helping his sisters open up their new toy keys. What a sweet brother!Suzan playing on one of the crawling toys Grammy gave the girlsBethany chewing on the other one - Ha!Jared's turn to open presentsSome ornaments from Mom and Dad...Wall-eAnd Buzz Lightyear. Buzz talks too!A Cars Sheriff remote controlled car from GrammyA new baseball mitt and baseballs from Mom and Dad. Look how excited he is :) !"cool! Legos from Grandpa and Grandma Carlson. Thank you!!"Bethany - "ding dong! hello? anyone home?"
The girls love playing with their present from Grandpa and Grandma Carlson, the Laugh and Learn Home from Fisher-Price. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!!
Suzan loves to "get the mail" from the home and then crawl around with the letters. It's too funny! ;)Jared wrestling with Suzan. He wrestles A LOT with the girls :PAwe, this is my favorite present from Jared so far. A handmade handprint wreath he made for us at school. Oh! I love it!!"Happy Birthday Dear Jesus! Happy Birthday to You!"Jared blowing out the candles for JesusWe had a wonderful and blessed Christmas this year. We thank our loving and gracious God for sending us Jesus to love and save us. We also thank God for our five precious gifts from Him, which are Jared, Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle. Thank you!
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Lauren said...

Suzan looks so much smaller that the other girls... I think it's because she doesn't have the stand-up fuzzy hair!!! :-) Glad you had a nice Christmas with your new (big) family!!!!

jenkins_k08 said...

you have a very beautiful group of girls! :) God is soo awesome.

Kami Lambe said...

I'm so glad you had such a nice Christmas with Jared and the girls! I love all the pics!

King Quads said...

I love the hair on your girls...adorable. Susan reminds me of my little peanut Kendelle. Such a beautiful family. Happy 2009!

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