Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wild and crazy guy...and gals ;)

As I've mentioned before, it seems like our girls are doing so much lately. They are all over the place, crawling, rolling, sitting up. They are talking (okay, maybe screaming, screeching or squealing ;) ) a lot. Jared's been doing lots too...always (and I mean ALWAYS) asking to go outside to play with the neighborhood kids. He actually hears the kids from inside our home and exclaims "mama! do you hear that? there are kids outside! let's eat (or finish whatever we're doing) really fast so we can go outside." Ha! I have to say, too, that the neighborhood kids are very sweet with Jared. They sometimes come to our door to see if Jared can come out to play. Awe!

So, here are some pics from last evening of our crazy kids :) Hm...don't know where the pics of Brielle are. Oh, I guess you can see her foot ;)

Suzan reaching through the crib slats and grabbing at Brielle's foot. Just imagine what will happen when they get older (and can stand up, climb, etc.) ;)Anna can now reach into the fishbowl...And grab out a toy. Bethany can do this too. Those baby brains are working!Suzan, the crawlinator ;) She goes everywhere...And around everything. Nothing can stop her!! (fyi, Jared got Suzan some exercise by hiding all over our family room and seeing her crawl after him. Good thinking Jared! Get her tuckered out ;) ) Oh, and don't look too long at the psychedelic pants ;)The sweet little boy!And Bethany, looking cute in her green jeans

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jag said...

Wow! They really are active. I just adore Bethany's hair. It reminds me of our Cam's hair after a bath. So soft.

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